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I welcome a larger iPad Pro. Bring it on, I'd buy one on day one. Smaller tablets, like the Mini, have their uses, and a larger tablet like the iPad Pro would also find many good uses. Make it powerful, make it sexy, and make it more expensive, as that would keep some of the riff raff away. Just one thing, Apple had better not release any crappy, failed and doomed "convertible" device. What the hell is wrong with you? Go buy a Surface tablet, if you have an ugly fetish....
I'm surprised that many Android users even have a functioning electrical outlet at home, so that they can charge their device. If I wanted to meet many Android users, my best bet at finding a whole bunch of them would probably be to head down towards the nearest soup kitchen.   When possible, I always try to avoid coming into close contact with Android users, like when I'm on the subway or a bus, as they probably carry more communicable diseases compared to the average,...
You couldn't pay me 99 cents to download these tracks.   I guess that 13 year old girls with not yet fully developed breasts are probably happy about this free download.   Hopefully something better and more useful will show up in the remaining days of this giveaway.
So, it's sold out already?   Well, that is not surprising to me at all. This machine is killer. It sure is a sexy looking machine.   I am also fairly certain that the hordes of people making dumb "trash can" comments are extremely envious of the new Mac Pro, and they also know that they could never afford one, therefore these jealous people and losers have to slam what is unobtainable for them.   I also hope that Apple moves more and more towards robotic...
Isn't he ex-Apple? In that case, Apple doesn't have him.
People die, how shocking! Stop the presses!    How many people will die globally today? A shitload, that's how many.    Some will get sick, some will get murdered, some will die in car crashes, maybe some will fall off of a cliff. Things happen.
This is yet another bad decision taken by Apple.   Apple should stay out of politics.
These statistics are not surprising at all.    Fandroids and users of other inferior platforms were too busy at Walmart kicking the living crap out of each other, while waiting in line to pick up their awesome $49 tablets yesterday. You can even see videos of these violent creatures and worthless bums posted to youtube.   It is doubtful that these sorts of people even have internet connections. Heck, they might not even have indoor plumbing. It is no wonder that...
Apple doesn't need to deeply discount their products, unlike everybody else. If you don't like Apple's deals, then go to a third party retailer, where some of them are offering better deals.   This strategy also helps to keep some of the Fandroid riff raff away, as Apple is obviously not interested in going after cheap and ignorant customers who base their buying decisions primarily on price.
"Honestly, it works for work" ?   That sounds more like a desperation plea than an effective ad slogan. How pathetic.
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