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 You're venturing into Fandroid conspiracy territory right there. There is obviously a limited amount of phones that have been manufactured at the time of the launch date. Apple had many, many millions of phones, and obviously the demand is greater than the supply. Do you expect Apple to delay the launch by 3 months, so that they can stock 50 million phones? Also, there is a way to stop some of the scalpers. Apple had implemented it before, but they bowed to PC pressure...
Organized Chinese scalping? Who would ever have imagined such a thing?   Only a racist would ever claim such a thing (or any observant person with two functioning eyes and ears who has seen one of these lines.)   I stood in a few lines for an iPad 2 a few years ago, but I wont be standing in any more lines, especially since you can now preorder online.   It's also not fun to stand in line with people who are not Apple users and who are not Apple fans.
 Handsfree SIRI was worth it for me, I upgraded on day one, and haven't run into any issues yet.
 Are you insane? Apple makes the best devices around, and I look forward to buying a new iPad next month.  I can use Apple devices as much as I please, something that I have been doing for a very long time now. That doesn't mean that I will agree with Apple on every political issue that comes up.
 Sure they are. The uneducated are ignorant. The people who cling to extremist, primitive religions are ignorant. The people who refuse to wear condoms in certain parts of the third world, in countries where AIDS is running rampant are both ignorant and stupid. And also, killing western health care workers who are there to help those silly people is quite ignorant and counter productive.
 Radical liberalism and extremist ideology trumps science and facts, even for many scientists. Their ideology comes before any facts or actual science. The latest liberal super scientist and global warming alarmist to have been busted for fabricating and making up their own facts and evidence is Neil deGrasse Tyson.
 Agreed, and I can't say that it would surprise me in the least, if it were true.
I find this rumor to be hilarious.
 I don't believe in any god, and also, many of those "climate change" slobs that are marching are more religious than actual religious people. They're ignorant, they're fanatical, they believe in unproven science and propaganda, and they're tools for marching around like hypocritical ignoramuses. Their made up cause is their religion. The whole idiotic movement could have saved a whole bunch of fossil fuels by merely staying home.  Here's a picture of Al Gore, Apple's...
 Ebola, AIDS and other not yet known or discovered diseases will take care of those extra people. Nature has a fine way of dealing with populations of various things when they become too numerous, be it animals, or humans. The population explosion is also mostly happening in third world places, where people are ignorant and have no common sense. Nature will set them straight.
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