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So, if Apple is moving away from rich-texture designs and is opting for simple, then what's the point of a retina display, if the OS won't be taking full advantage of it? I'm not sure what I think of this new direction, but I guess that we'll know soon enough.   As for OS X and iOS, I hope that an OS X user sitting on a Mac Pro is not using an iOS desktop in the future. As for me, I haven't upgraded past Snow Leopard yet, and it's not because I don't have 19 dollars.
I've never tried a Segway, but I'd like to someday.   As for the owner who died, he didn't have anything to do with the development of Segway, he was just some rich guy who had bought the company and had owned it for less than a year before the accident.   I guess the moral of the story is that it's probably not a good idea to ride anything close to the edges of a cliff, including bicycles, cars, Segways etc.   What about automobiles? More than a million people die each...
Now this is a rumor that people can finally get excited by. Who gives a crap about cheap iPhones and other insignificant rumors that aren't likely to produce any exciting products, unless somebody is a fan of the race to the bottom method of doing business, like most other companies are.   While other companies are "innovating", and making their next phone a half an inch larger than their previous phone, Apple will be working on the next set of groundbreaking devices...
I agree that the T-Mobile iPhone 5 is definitely a better deal than getting it directly from Apple, since you're paying about $580 instead of $650.
When it comes to Apple, everybody is in the rumor/BS business it seems.
I'm not interested in getting into a ridiculous comparison between the USA VS China. The USA is definitely not perfect, but here's one big difference:   In China, the commies are in charge and you can't get rid of them. You don't have any choice, they're going to be around and in control, no matter what you do.   In the USA, you can at least vote the bastards out of office. To give an example, I don't like Obama or his amateurish policies, but the good news is that the...
Some people think that the T-Mobile iPhone 5's that they will be selling are unlocked, but that doesn't seem to be the case.   I did some quick research into the T-Mobile iPhones, and it seems that they are not unlocked, until somebody has fully paid them off.   So, if a person needs a fully unlocked iPhone from T-Mobile, it looks like they have two choices, either pay the full amount for the phone up front, or wait 2 years until the phone is fully paid off, then...
Unless the outrageous taxes have suddenly been slashed, then Apple shouldn't be lowering their own price, causing shrinking margins. The ridiculous taxes are not Apple's doing.
  They should start executing people who make those cheap, Chinese Android tablets, which are nothing but junk. 
  Don't worry. With the way that things are going, we'll soon be like everybody else, which really sucks.
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