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If "the street" is pleased, then they sure have a funny way of showing it.
 A person watching a movie on an iPad 2 screen on a flight would think that it looks amazing, especially compared to the usual crappy airline screens found on the back of a seat. The iPad 2 is not retina, but it does have a nice, IPS screen. I've owned an iPad 2 before, and I currently have an iPad Retina and an iPad Mini, and for watching a movie, the iPad 2 looks fine. This is also about in flight streaming, so the resolution of the movies might not even be that high....
The Nexus 7 HD is a tiny piece of crap, so no, it would not make sense to give out Nexus 7's, unless people like worse things.   Even an iPad Mini is a bit larger than a Nexus 7, and an iPad 2 at 9.7" absolutely dwarves a Nexus 7.   Here's an iPad 3 VS Nexus 7.      What a joke!     Look at that tiny piece of crap! 
I definitely can believe that the iPhone is doing great in Japan.   I like to profile people, and it seems that almost all Japanese girls that I see on the subway and when I'm out and about are using iPhones. I did see one Asian girl yesterday who took out some huge Android phone on the subway, but I think that she was probably Korean.
 Same here. I do have slip covers which I'll put on the iPad before I throw it in a bag or backpack, when I'm traveling, because I obviously don't want anything to get scratched or messed up but that gets removed as soon as it's time to use the iPad.
  Just to clarify, I do use stands with my iPads when they are sitting on a table, or when I am watching something on it. I have these portable stands that can be folded, and they work pretty good. So when I meant naked, I didn't mean without any stand or that somebody would have to hold an iPad for many hours a day without any way of propping it up.
I just don't get these kind of keyboards. And it's also one reason why I think that so-called convertibles like the Surface are horrible pieces of crap.   iPads are meant to be used naked in my opinion. No keyboard, no case, no nothing.    Especially with the amazing new iPad Air. It's super light and it's super thin. Attaching extra crap to it just defeats the entire purpose.   I don't do a lot of typing on my iPads, but when I do, the on screen keyboard works just...
 You forgot about the Touch ID sensor. Add in the significantly improved processor and the camera, and that easily justifies the extra $100 for the 5s.  I also don't agree that most apps will not benefit from the better processor, as the whole phone and OS benefits from it. Apps open up quicker, games will play better, just about everything will be better. Apps can always be improved, I don't agree that they are already as quick as they need to be.
Overall sentiment seems bullish, but that makes me damn suspicious.   I do think that Apple will report decent results, but the question is how will the knuckleheads react to it?   I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. We'll see.   I've been burned by Apple earnings in the past, so I am a bit cautious.
 Desktops and laptops aren't made to be flipped around with the user using portrait and landscape interchangeably. That's why the iPad kicks everybody else's butt. 16:9 in any tablet is a joke, and it's yet another reason why everybody else makes crappy tablets. The HP Touchpad was 4:3, but that failed because of many other reasons.
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