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 Actually, I believe that studies have shown that they are wrong the majority of the time, and every once in a while, they are correct. So they are more wrong than right.
 I'm sorry, but that's complete BS. I'm not a robot or an alien, I have human eyes, and I can clearly see the difference, especially on a monitor that is meant to be close to you. It's not like people are going to use a 27" monitor 6' away from them.
 Because it's Apple, that's how.  This is not some crappy company making 10,000 phones and then selling out. If Apple sold out of something, you can bet your ass that the demand is massive.
 Would you prefer that Apple had delayed the launch by a few months? There's only so many millions of phones to go around.
 Optical image stabilization on the 6+, that's not found on the 6.
 I'm not so sure about that. Apple sure hasn't been in any rush to release their own stand alone monitor lately. When was it last updated again? Personally, I'm liking a few of the 21:9 displays that I've been reading about from a few different manufacturers. Those seem pretty cool.
 I've never tried Samsung's fingerprint scanner of course, as I wouldn't be caught dead touching any Android phone, but I have read a bit about it, and it's a complete disaster. It's a cheap, gimmicky feature that does not work well at all! Apple's works great, and it is reliable. In my opinion, Touch ID is one of the most important features ever to have been added to an iPhone. I'm also hoping that the new iPads get Touch ID. I was kind of hoping that they would be...
The beginning of the end has already started for Scamsung and Fandroids!   We are now entering the middle of the end! The clock is ticking and their time is running out! I am so damn glad!   You can bet your ass that quite a few Android users are going to upgrade to iPhone 6's. There are practically no logical reasons for anybody to buy gimmicky Scamsung phones.   People want security, and nothing beats Touch ID on iPhones. Together with Pay, it's a winning and...
And what's with the "wallhuggers" crap?   Fandroids are a bunch of unproductive snotbuggers.
I'm not even going to bother to click on those Scamsung ads.   I was a little annoyed when first watching the keynote on Tuesday, due to the technical difficulties, so I decided to re-watch it today, and it was like a whole new experience.   It's not surprising to me that Scamsung would so quickly come out with these lame ads, so soon after Apple's event. They are obviously getting more and more desperate, and since they can't make better products, they resort to...
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