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There have been rumors predicting IGZO displays for Apple devices for years now!   So far, they've all been dead wrong.   I guess, if the rumors keep repeating themselves every single year, then eventually they might turn out to be true, just like a broken clock is sometimes correct.
 Yeah, and look at the size difference between the Huwai, which is all the way to the left on the picture, compared to an iPhone 5c, which is all the way to the right on the picture. 
Eventually, somewhere around iPhone 15 or 16, it will probably end up being as thin as a piece of paper. I wonder where the cut off point is, and at what point is too thin too much of a good thing, even if the tech is available to make it crazy thin?
It's good to see that Apple are on top of things, fixing things every single day for Maps.   At the next keynote, Apple should pound their chests and announce just how much better Maps is, because I notice that some people still like to poke fun at Apple maps when it is mentioned, and those same ignoramuses need to be made aware that their outdated memes and stupid jokes are incorrect, but that probably wont stop them of course, even if they are made aware of new facts.
 Now, now, let's not be too harsh on those countries. You wouldn't want to be called one of those "islamophobes", now would you? It's merely their culture, and who are we to criticize those nice people? I remember reading a news story a few months ago and seeing a photo of a few gay men who were hanged in Iran. Why can't you just understand that's their business, their laws, and besides, the US is equally as bad. In the US, there was this LGBT parade and the participants...
 You must be crazy if that's what you concluded from my post. I am in no way suggesting that there is any "proof" that Tim Cook is not gay. I do believe that he's gay.
 I believe that your strawman image also fits perfectly to what you wrote, as I have never suggested or ever claimed that the USA is perfect, far from it. No country on the planet is perfect, but that doesn't mean that other countries are immune from criticism. We've debated in the past, and we will never agree on certain things, and that's ok. You have your views and I have mine. I believe that not all countries are equal, I believe that not all cultures are equal and I...
 Luckily for Android users, I'm just one guy posting opinions on an internet forum. I don't write my own laws, and I'm not the ruler of any country. Meanwhile in the real world, those other people, countries and customs that you like to defend do actually murder people. I've never killed a single person in my whole life, honestly. 
 No, I'm not saying that the high profile CEO of Apple would have been arrested, for the obvious reasons that you have mentioned. But I am saying that no way in hell would I ever visit such countries, if I were just a regular gay person. Would you honestly be comfortable visiting such countries, if you were gay? I think that any regular gay person visiting such places would be pretty foolish to do so, and if something bad happened to them, then they would mostly have...
It is not my intention to begin any political debate, as I am aware that there are other forum sections for that, but surely, you can't possibly compare some old laws in the US that are not enforced anymore to real anti-gay laws and the real big problems that gay people might face in certain primitive countries of the world.
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