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And I have one more point to make.   This is why you'll never see people lining up for products from most other manufacturers.   Apple has been around for decades, and people trust Apple's products. Many Apple customers have multiple Apple devices.   If I want a new iPhone, there's no need for me to test it out or see it in a store. I can order it blind, without ever having used it and I know that I'll be getting a kick ass phone. The same goes for most of Apple's...
The competition is crushing Apple, just like Android is crushing iOS.    Apple has a score of 87 for 2013.   The competition has a combined score of 390, and 390 is way bigger than 87.   A score of 87 isn't looking too hot anymore, compared to the combined forces of the competition. It's like when people compare the iPhone to the combined total of every Android phone manufactured in the world by all manufacturers that aren't Apple.   Apple needs to step up it's...
In related news, and not to be outdone by Burberry and Apple, the annual Salvation Army used clothes fashion show was shot entirely using Android phones.   One audience member, Mark Smith, a homeless bum who is partially blind, commented that "the quality of the camera in this Android phone is spectacular. I see an Android phone in my future."
 No problem. I knew what you meant, I just pointed it out for the sake of accuracy, and because maybe somebody else might have gotten confused.
There is no white 5s.   There is no black 5s.   If people are going to comment on the phones, at least get the colors right. You're only making things confusing, since there was a black iPhone 5 and white iPhone 5.   There are three iPhone 5s colors, gold, silver and space grey.
100,000 is pathetic.   I thought that a gazillion people lived in China.
I wasn't expecting any announcement, since the 5s is not in the mix yet.   I'm also not surprised that "wall street" would react like this, so I'm not holding any AAPL at the moment.
Am i misunderstanding something here? Somebody can steal an iPhone and just wait 48 hours, and then the Touch ID is useless because it's been erased?
 Yeah, the World Trade Center does sort of have some kind of connection to 9/11 I believe. If that offends you, then too fucking bad.
 Not quite, Chinese people have already started pre-ordering their 5c's. Both the 5c and 5s will be available on the same day, 9/20, in China.
New Posts  All Forums: