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A big corporation like Apple should have a SWAT style security team, a rapid response assault team, ready to go anywhere on the planet and hunt down any hackers that are a threat to Apple and its' users and either apprehend them or eliminate them, based on the circumstances.   Yeah, I know it's probably not exactly legal, I was just saying what I wish that Apple had.
 You have to start somewhere. Fully connected is still far away I suppose, but partially connected is a good place to start.
 I wonder how many Apple users are buying Nest detectors now? I would venture to guess that the figure has dropped dramatically. Does Apple still sell those in their stores? They should obviously pull them from the shelves now. And I wonder how many Google users (Android) are buying Nest detectors now? 
This makes perfect sense.   Apple users are 86.7% more likely to consider home automation than Android users. Yeah, I just pulled that figure out of my ass, but I'm pretty sure that the figure is not that far away from reality.   Home automation is probably not something that is cheap, and Apple households are far more likely to opt for such solutions than Android households. I saw that HP just released a brand new Android tablet that is priced at $100, and is on sale...
 Apple needs to kill the deal. The very fact that there are so many threads on this rumor is proof that it should be killed, because it should never have been leaked in the first place.
 스맥 다운 web translation, so I take no responsibility if it's incorrect. 
Everybody's offering their opinion on this baloney rumor, and I have one too.   I think that Apple should punish Beats and kill the whole deal, if there ever was any deal to begin with.
You fanboys suck.   Did Apple invent sapphire? No, I didn't think so.   My future Galaxy phone will also have a sapphire screen. It's just the natural progression of things. Apple is truly a company that has no innovation. If Apple didn't exist, then smartphones would be much more advanced today.   And the finger print scanner on my Samsung phone is just as good as Apple's Touch ID. It may take a few more swipes to get it to work, but that's just because my fingers...
 I just hope that we don't see Steve Jobs appearing as a hologram at any Apple event anytime soon. I can hardly think of two more different people to compare than Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson. What exactly do those two have in common? Did they both like to moonwalk? Did they both have a strange fondness for little boys? Did they both constantly have an urge to touch their crotches?  I actually like some of Michael Jackson's earlier songs, so I'm not trying to be a hater...
 Even if that number were true, then so what? Apple's good name and reputation is worth far more than a measly 1.3 Billion, and the damage could easily be greater than that.
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