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 Dude! It's going to be able to do a gazillion things that your iPhone can not do! It's going to be a complete health diagnostics device right on your wrist, crammed full of all sorts of advanced and highly accurate sensors. Far more advanced and accurate than anything else that is on the market. An iPhone has none of those things! It will also have other features such as NFC perhaps. Payments from an iWatch? Actually, I have no damn idea, and I am just speculating and...
I'll be so glad when the real iWatch is finally released, because then I wont ever have to see any of these horrible mockups anymore.   And some people buy new TVs to watch the superbowl on. I don't give a crap about that, but I did recently buy a new 50" TV, and you can bet that I'll be watching the keynote live via Apple TV come tuesday!   Tuesday is going to be huge for Apple and all Apple fans!    I'm not even 100% certain what I'm going to get yet. But I will...
Apple's competitors are like parasites, feeding on whatever little leftover crumbs that they can get their dirty paws on.   Of course they need Apple to lead the way! 
 I live in one of the places where it's hardest to get a gun in the entire US, but I'm thinking about getting one soon, just because I'd like to challenge the system, and exercise my rights.
 I'm not sure what you mean. You can turn off photostream. It doesn't have to be on, and you can take as many pictures as you like, without them being uploaded to iCloud.
 Even though I'm speaking harshly against the celebrities, I am all for harsh punishments against the hackers. They need to find those people quickly and deal with them in the most severe way. In addition to their punishment when caught, those people should be banned from the internet for life. If somebody is a pedophile, you don't let them be around small children. If somebody is a convicted hacker, they should not be allowed anywhere online, ever.
 I still think that the celebrities were careless, because even if they did have some personal assistant setting up their account, the ultimate responsibility lies with the celebrity. It's their account after all, and it's their body.
 It's not just celebrities. I believe that the average person out there uses crap passwords, that are ridiculously easy to guess. I'm no hacker, and I've never hacked anything before, but I'm fairly certain that it wouldn't be all that hard to gain access to many people's accounts.
 If you leave your door unlocked, it's obviously illegal for somebody to enter it and rob you blind, but it's totally understandable if it happens. The hackers and perverts in this story should be harshly punished, but that doesn't mean that the celebrities don't bear a large part of the responsibility.
No kidding!   Somebody needs to put that judge in their place!   What a disgrace!
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