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Yes, NYC has tons of Apple users. I do occasionally run into people using Android phones when I am in a seedy neighborhood or on a bad subway line. I would also imagine that the local EBT office has a 99% usage rate of Android phones by the fine people who visit those joints.
Billions of people probably care. However, the most important people, Apple stockholders do not care.
I think that it's fairly safe to assume that you have a smoking hot product if a phone can significantly boost an entire country's retail sales.
It's not like nobody knew before that. Everybody knew that Tim Cook was gay, it's been mentioned numerous times on this forum before. It's just that for whatever reason, he's decided to make it official now. I guess that he just felt that the time was right.
Who gives a crap if he's gay?   I certainly don't. Has anybody checked out AAPL lately?    I'm actually glad that he came out, because there's a whole bunch of primitive countries that I can't stand, and I know that his coming out has no doubt upset them. That's a good thing.
Thanks for that link! I will definitely check it out!I am aware of other solutions, such as using third party apps like vlc, etc., but the best solution for me at least is to have them play in the quicktime player.
Some of the movie files that I had working perfectly under Snow Leopard no longer will open up in Yosemite.   I looked into it briefly, and I found out that it has something to do with Perian no longer supporting the newest Mac OSes.   I'm still looking for a replacement.
This being the internet and all, I'm not sure if your reply is attempting to be sarcastic or not. But the facts are that Google knows your purchase history and Apple doesn't. Your transactions on Google Wallet are not private. Your transactions with Apple Pay are.
I have the original mini, but it's been hijacked and confiscated by my gf, and I never touch it.   Kill the mini, I don't give a crap! And I'm really glad that Apple decided to gimp it this year and not upgrade it, besides adding Touch ID to it, and some gold coloring!   I'm all about larger iPads! Bring on the 12.9"! 
I wouldn't say that it's very similar. Google sees and knows everything that you do, it's not private.
New Posts  All Forums: