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 This is just my opinion of course, but people who use too many tabs, and constantly have a gazillion tabs open are just lazy. I know somebody like that, and I told them last time to just make some damn bookmarks, which they were apparently too lazy to do.
And to those silly and clueless people who were saying that this is only a mediocre update!   Put down the crack pipe! Step back into reality.   This is a huge update! I said it when the iPad Air 2 was first revealed and I'm saying it now again, because as more evidence is emerging, this fact is only becoming more apparent.
 I bought some convolution verbs for Auria a while back, but I haven't been able to use many of the presets on my iPad 3! I have a feeling that it wont be a problem anymore on the new iPad! Also, I bought a synth Z3TA3+, which is a direct port of the desktop version, and some of the heavy presets dont work on my iPad 3! I finally look forward to hearing them! And lastly, I use Korg Gadget, which is great, and I look forward to seeing how many synths and modules I will be...
I heard about this last night.   The iPad Air 2 is going to be a beast!   I'm also damn glad that they didn't increase the screen res. Now all of that extra horse power is definitely going to be felt in a big way!   Can't wait for my new iPad! It should be here anytime from Wed-Friday! Bring it on!
 I do think that it is a big deal. Stores store your info, even if you don't ask them to or want them to. What about that recent huge Home Depot breach? Anybody who merely swiped their card in one of their stores could have been affected! I was at Home Depot a few months before I heard about that huge breach on the news! I will not be using any card at any Home Depot anymore, because they have shown that they are not to be trusted. I certainly don't want my personal info...
 That is true. When I'm at the local supermarket, I hate entering in my pin with people standing all around me, to my left, to my right, behind me, and basically everywhere.
 I guess it depends on who you use for your brokerage firm. I'm on scottrade. I can trade from 6 AM to 8 PM EST. You just go to your account and enter in the order, but you do have to specify that it's a premarket/aftermarket order that you are placing. Limit orders only.
 I don't own any guns (yet), I just used that as an example because it popped into my mind. I don't have much experience with guns and I've only fired guns once before on a gun range, a 2 barrel shot gun, a regular revolver and an uzzi is all that I have tried so far. I will certainly look into American made, should I decide to acquire a few guns in the future. I do know that certain states are pushing gun manufacturers out of state, including my crappy, fascist state.
Tell me about it!   As soon as I heard the results yesterday, I picked up some more in after hours. It was so obvious that it was going to gap up this morning, and it did!
 If it were up to me, I'd be carrying an AK-47 in my backpack, but unfortunately, that's not legal where I live. However, credit card theft, credit card fraud and security breaches where millions of card numbers get stolen are quite common place now, and using Pay when possible will provide much greater protection compared to those who do not use it, including the 62 people who regularly use Google Wallet or whatever that flop of a failure is called.
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