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Expect many more, because according to a Billboard article about this year's WWDC, they said that the deal is expected to take two months to close, and Apple may choose not to announce anything until everything is final.
 I'm not interested in any Apple "side projects". Apple is a corporation, not a band. I also think that anybody who thinks that Apple needs to be more cool is simply buying into Samsung's propaganda.
I'm all out of comments. I've already used them up on all of the previous threads about this subject, and I can't really think of anything else to say about this that I haven't already said.
 It's a terrible idea, when Jony Ive could just continue making things for the Apple brand, which is much more highly regarded than any Beats brand.
 Yes, I'm a Yankee. 
 Why doesn't Apple just start to make Apple jeans?  If it's all about making a quick buck, and just riding on a trend or a fad, then they might as well. To me, Beats represents the opposite of what Apple represents. Apple is no trend or a fad.
iPhone 6 is going to be the biggest phone launch ever, that goes with out saying.
 Of course it wasn't Tim Cook's fault that any video got leaked, but now that it has been, the ball is in Tim Cook's court. I wouldn't trust that person (Dre) to be any Apple executive, they act like a child and they've already proven that they can't be trusted.
 They got a few athletes to wear them, but that's exactly what Samsung does. Needless to say, I don't take headphone advice from any paid celebrities and I don't think that Apple should emulate other crappy company's marketing strategies. It makes perfect sense that Beats and Monster were so close, because I feel the same way about Monster Cables that I do about beats headphones. Ridiculously overpriced and not worth it.
 Yeah, that's the real reason. You offer a brilliant and well thought out analysis. Anybody who thinks that the Beats deal is questionable and anybody who thinks that Beats headphones aren't good are really just posting from their computers while donning white hoods. As for me, I'm off to a klan meeting, right after I finish up with this post. I also have a confederate flag as my desktop picture. Beats has a bad reputation with many people (just read various reactions to...
New Posts  All Forums: