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It's the beginning of the end!   Just wait until Apple releases the next iPhone and iPad models! Nobody will be able to compete!   Nobody else is even close to the iPhone 5s, and they will all be even further behind when the various iPhone 6 models drop later this year.   The same desperate morons who panicked and dismissed 64 bit are now busy scrambling trying to figure out how to keep up with Apple and their relentless pace of innovation. Apple took everybody by...
 You're right, most people probably don't care about that, but I do think that they care about convenience. If somebody can no longer purchase from within the app and somebody would now have to go to a website? That sounds real crappy, and they'll probably lose a lot of business.
I'm real glad that AMZN took a big hit the other day.   They've been getting a free pass for far too long. Weak earnings after weak earnings, and yet Wall Street would keep rewarding them. Unbelievable.
Yes she is a person, and what is she known for? Being an incredibly biased political host on an incredibly biased propaganda cable channel that hardly anybody watches. 
Please leave politics out of it. Being compared to that woman is a huge insult. She's about as honest as Samsung's benchmarks are.
 If somebody keeps rehashing the same stupid talking points from a decade ago, that have all been proven wrong, then yes, they are a troll. They were wrong then and they're even more wrong now. Nobody wants to listen to somebody who is delusional.
 All true. I just wanted to add that Samsung also cheats on their benchmarks. I've said this before, but anybody buying into Android is buying a lie. It's all a huge lie.
As for the OP, good job!   The amount of outright lies that some of the media peddles about Apple truly shows that the people who write such garbage are incredibly bad people and even worse journalists, and the people who actually believe what they write are just dumb, gullible and naive. They would fall for practically anything.   What school of journalism did these people go to, the Leni Riefenstahl school of journalism?
 Apple doesn't care about people who share your caveman mentality, and neither do I. Apple is at the forefront of innovation and everything that you state would be a terrible idea. You are living in the past, it's time to join the future.
 That's good to know, thanks for the info. And I know how you feel about getting out way too early on a stock. I wouldn't be lying if I said that I've made that mistake more than a few times myself.
New Posts  All Forums: