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Many people and politicians in the government and the administration believe that they are "above the law". Screw them all!   The authorities can not be trusted, as they have demonstrated time and time again.
What did I write two days ago? It seems that I wasn't that far off from the reality of the situation. I knew that this whole thing was overblown BS from the very beginning.   Here we have one person who claims to have an issue,  in other words, a problem that has supposedly and allegedly affected .00001% of Apple users who have bought an iPhone 6, and it is being widely reported as being some sort of huge problem, even though there is zero proof to back up such a...
 Maybe Apple wants to emulate Microsoft's billions of dollars in losses on their convertibles.
 Then that would make me a non buyer. I don't want a 12" Macbook Air, and I certainly don't want a 2 in 1 item, like those idiotic Surface tablets. I just want a super powerful iPad with a larger display.
 I bought a few more a couple of minutes ago also. I have about 35-40 stocks on my watchlist,, and only about two are green that I see, VXX and GPRO.
That would be great! The most powerful iOS device ever!   And I've said this before, but definitely a day one purchase for me.   But who knows with all of these dumb rumors.    And BTW - AAPL sure is taking a beating today!
 The dude is getting millions and millions of hits!  But not from me, because I'm not even going to bother to click on this latest link. The tests are meaningless and untrustworthy, hardly scientific at all.  And that first test he did with the iPhone 6+, it was already slightly bent before he did the test. These tests are a joke, and one guy on youtube bending a couple of phones proves nothing at all.
 I'm not sure, but I do remember reading a story about this girl, who wasn't even a celebrity or anything like that, she merely knew somebody at Apple, and she had gotten her iPhone 6 well ahead of time, though I'm not sure about the exact dates.
 Samsung most likely had nothing to do with this, unless of course there was a Samsung spy working for Apple and they somehow managed to deliberately sabotage the update by changing a few lines of code, just prior to the update going live. However, don't worry, because I'm sure that there will be countless opportunities for me to bash and ridicule Samsung in the coming weeks and months.
 Maybe she already had one. Apple does let a few people who are not Apple employees get devices before they are released.
New Posts  All Forums: