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 That's good to know, thanks for the info. And I know how you feel about getting out way too early on a stock. I wouldn't be lying if I said that I've made that mistake more than a few times myself.
I sometimes trade some solar stocks, like FSLR, SCTY etc., and I'm just wondering who built Apple's solar system. Does anybody know?   Did Apple do it themselves, or was it contracted out?
I never heard of this app before, but how much did Facebook pay for it? 167 billion?
 It depends what you mean by near future. But I do expect AAPL to pass $600 eventually, yes I do. It's at $565 now. It's impossible to know the timeframe of course. Maybe weeks, maybe months, but I'm not going to be the least bit surprised when it does.
 I wish there was a forum where there would be a poll before every major announcement and event, and also for every rumor. People would have to vote, and every member would have reputation points that was based on their voting history. If somebody was always wrong, their reputation would be terrible, and it would be visible for all to see every time that they posted, because it would be right next to their name. And, on the flip side, if somebody was almost always right,...
Just yesterday, before earnings, I remember reading on this forum that AAPL wouldn't hit 600 ever again! Is it possible to be more wrong?   Originally Posted by mvigod  If you buy the stock do it for the safe 2.3% dividend but don't expect any moves near 600/share ever again.  
 I doubt that Tim Cook lurks on these forums. I would guess that he probably has better and more important things to do, but I do think that there are some people from Apple who probably visit here every once in a while, just for some LOLs.
There goes that terrible judge again, doing what they do best, ruling against Apple.   I don't claim to know much about the inner workings of the legal system, but if Apple loses the DOJ case, then they should take it to the next level and eventually all the way to the top, to the Supreme court, if that's even possible. This kind of case would probably get rejected, as it's probably not important enough for them to hear. E-books is not abortion or race or some other hot...
The average person isn't replacing their iPad every year.   It's a well built item that lasts for years and years. My mother still uses an iPad 2, and she will probably still be using it a few years from now. The average person doesn't care about specs or having the newest and latest device, especially if they are 100% satisfied with what they currently have, and it gets the job done.   The iPad is more like an appliance than a computer device, an appliance that's...
I hear that argument a lot, but I'm not sure if I agree with it. If somebody couldn't afford $500 a share, then some small investor buying a few shares for $80 won't make much difference in my opinion. It's the big players that count. The small investor doesn't mean crap. 
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