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Here's some breaking news about Apple.   On the front page of Drudge:     ICLOUD NIGHTMARE: CELEBS HACKED!
 It's not just me. You are the odd one out here. The majority of comments have been positive to this hiring, and not just on this site.
 He's a smart guy and knows a lot about tech. I have no idea what he'll be doing for Apple, nobody knows, since they're not telling, but his hiring is obviously a benefit to Apple in my opinion.
 Tell me about it. I read the comments section of that site from time to time, and there are always moronic Fandroids with their heads up their butts who are accusing them of being too favorable to Apple and for devoting too much space to Apple products and to Apple reviews. Those monkeys are going to go apeshit! I can't wait! This is hilarious! 
Oh wow!   That's really damn cool!   I've been visiting Anandtech for years and I love reading their in-depth reviews and analysis.   I haven't been all that thrilled with some of Apple's recent hires, but this one gets two thumbs up from me!
 I believe in freedom of choice and freedom of speech. People are free to buy as many Android phones as they wish. I'm not stopping anybody from buying any Android phones. As a matter of fact, whenever I run into somebody that I don't particularly like, my first recommendation to them would be to buy an Android phone. I also believe that Android is an inferior and crappy operating system, and there's nothing wrong with stating my views. I will continue to state these views...
 What Google barge? The barge has been sold and the four-story structure will be dismantled, along with Portland’s hope for a new claim to fame.http://www.pressherald.com/2014/07/31/mystery-ends-portlands-google-barge-going-nowhere/
 True, good point! To be honest, I don't see how anybody who has more than $10 in their bank account would ever risk using any kind of Android phone.
 I would love for it to be solar powered. I bought a Casio g shock watch for around $200 a couple of years ago, and I love how I will never, ever have to replace and buy another watch battery for the entire lifetime of the watch. I expect that watch to last longer than I will! I got tired of replacing the battery on my previous watch almost every single year. What a waste of money and waste of time.
Wait for the Fandroid trolls to say after the iPhone 6 launch that Apple didn't invent NFC and that NFC has been found on some Android phones for years now.   How come NFC hasn't taken off yet, with all of the billions of Android activations? You'd figure that it would be all over the place by now.   Oh, that's right. Android users are totally insignificant, no matter what their reported numbers might be.    As usual, it will take Apple to come along and get it...
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