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 The people who like it, will simply buy one. The people who are "disappointed" will each write no less than 50 posts about how disappointed they are.
 Yeah, that sounds like complete BS. Nobody has done a comprehensive test of it. The journalists got to see it for a limited time, and only got to mess with certain functions.
 And gen 3 will be better than gen 2! And when gen 2 comes out, there will be no less whining I bet. It's always that way. Somebody somewhere will always have something to whine about.
Go ahead! Name names! Don't be shy!
 Yep, the Watch is not a stand alone device. It's a companion piece for the iPhone.
 Did you not watch the keynote? What do you see when you take fat fingers and put them on a tiny display? You don't see crap, because 80% of the display is being hidden and obscured by fat fingers! The Digital Crown eliminates that problem, and users have a choice. When you use the crown, you get to see 100% of what is visible on the display, not just a tiny fraction. And it's not just a touch screen, but it's also pressure sensitive! Even the iPhone and iPad doesn't have...
 I understood what they meant, but I believe that Apple shouldn't make the lowest model 32 GB just yet, as there are quite a few people who can manage with 16 GB, and it would be wasteful of Apple to provide 32GB in the tens of millions of iPhones that they would be selling. I think that it's a good idea from Apple to upsell people to 64GB, if certain people find that 16GB is insufficient for their needs.
 Oh, ok. I was thinking about the newer models, not last year's models. I see that they still will sell the 5c also, but that one will only come in an 8GB model.
 I wouldn't mind being a mod, if only just for seven days! I would clean up this place so good! I estimate that about 25% of all posters would be banned! Not a single Fandroid would be found on this site, and new ones that joined wouldn't last more than a post or two. I can smell Fandroids from a mile away.
 Same thing with the Watch. If somebody has the gold Watch, they are hopefully smart enough to not walk around wearing it in a neighborhood that has a high population of Fandroids.
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