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 Yeah, that was the story that I remember reading. Thanks for the link!
 If buying the best smart phone ever made makes somebody an idiot, then I wonder what buying some cheap, outdated, inferior, malware infested Android junk which is soon going to end up in a landfill makes somebody? The people hating are jealous, that's simple human psychology right there. Pathetic people, and I hereby doom them all to a life of misery and Android devices.
 Maybe they are. Scalpers have been known to pay homeless people to wait in line at Apple launches. A fight even broke out in Cali during the recent iPhone launch, because some scalper scumbag didn't pay some of the homeless people that were standing in line for him.
Incredible results! Congrats to all who own shares of AAPL!    And no, Apple should not lower any of their prices, because three cheap bastards on the internet demanded that they should.
Great free advertising for Apple!   It is common knowledge that Apple products are the most desirable products amongst thieves.   Apple products account for a great percentage of all stolen goods in New York. Android is of course garbage, the lowest of the low, and even most thieves don't want to be bothered with such crap.   If not for Apple, crime would be down in New York.   “If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” said Marc La...
Why not just hold a gun to somebody's head? Why bother with all of this nonsense? 
I get the impression from the headline that the gold iPhone 5s is some super rare, one in a million phone.   The gold iPhone may be more in demand than the other colors for now, but it's not like Apple only made ten of them. There has got to be hundreds of thousands of them at least. Who's to say? Maybe there's more than a million of them.
 It's actually at 37% now. The number is rising quickly.
I woke up a little late today, but this is just the sort of article I like to read to start off my day.   Haha, screw Android, screw cheap people, screw Fandroids, screw clueless analysts and screw people who desire junky devices!   It's good to see Apple coming right out and telling it like it is!
I updated an iPad 3 and an iPad Mini today, a few minutes after iOS7 was released. Both updated fine without any problems. It took less than 15 minutes to update each one.   I'd never used iOS 7 before, so it's all new to me. Everything's looking nice so far, and I'm liking the extra features that were added.
New Posts  All Forums: