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 I doubt it. This was obviously implemented because of the huge problem with those Chinese scalpers. The Chinese scalpers are annoying enough in the USA (I still get mad when thinking about me standing in line for the iPad 2 launch, and those scumbag scalpers), but the problem is apparently far worse in China.
 World Trade Center is a high profile location. And this is definitely Apple news that is worthwhile to all those who follow Apple and to Apple investors. And no, every single Apple store does not look the same. You must not have visited many Apple stores.  It's not like Apple is opening a tiny store in the middle of Kansas.
Sounds good to me. New York can always use more Apple stores, even though there are quite a few already.
 Well my mind is also telling me that the person in the video is wearing a black shirt, you know, like Steve Jobs used to wear. Tim Cook doesn't wear shirts like that, and Tim Cook's hair does not look like in that video. So, the person in the video looks like it could be Steve Jobs from behind, wearing his trademark black shirt, and you expect me to believe that it's coincidence? I'm not buying it. And besides, MS did pull this video. So if everything is all fine and...
 I'm pushing it? I'm not the one who made a video with a dead Steve Jobs in it. As for what Steve Jobs has to do with Apple in 2013 and why he's in an MS video, you'll have to ask the crappy ad agency or whoever made that video as to why they did what they did.
 I don't think so. It was clearly Steve Jobs and Jony Ives sitting in that chair, and that was their intention also.
Somebody at MS screwed up bigtime.   Before they pulled the video or made it private, it had way more dislikes than likes.   Come on, putting a Steve Jobs cancer era look alike in your video? How low can you go?
When I commented before, I hadn't seen the commercial, but I just did, and holy cow!!!!!   That is a sick Steve Jobs (with cancer) sitting there and also Jony Ives.   This is truly one disgusting commercial! And mocking the dead?    Microsoft truly has no shame, what a crap company. 
 I believe that analyst's targets are 12 months ahead. So this genius is predicting that AAPL will be at his target price 12 months from now.
These are the same morons who held a funeral for the iPhone many years ago.   How did that work out for them?   Meanwhile, nobody wants their horrible Surface tablets with the stupid kickstands, and MS has gotten so desperate now that they're offering to buy up used iPads.   What a joke. I do find it funny though that every desperate company in the world currently has Apple on their minds. The more threatened people feel, the more they will lash out. 
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