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Haha, I told you all, keep on defending Beats.   I just clicked on the ad a minute ago, and what complete crap! What the hell?   Is it supposed to be funny or something? It's pretty damn tragic.   Whoever came up with the lame idea behind that ad should be immediately fired.   I did like the recent Macbook ad with all of the stickers, but this piece of crap ad is absolutely terrible.
Good, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving company.
 It wasn't Cook that said it, though he agreed with it later on. It was Eddy Cue. "Later this year, we've got the best product pipeline that I've seen in my 25 years at Apple," Cue said at the Code Conference
Good, bring it on!   This fall will be very busy for Apple.   And today's drop in the market is a good opportunity to load up on a few more shares of AAPL like I just did a few minutes ago.   If the market goes more down tomorrow, then I'll load up some more. It's all good.
 I'm pretty much anti all religion, but that is one religion that I can believe in!
 Some western countries had banned Huawei equipment to be used by numerous western governments, due to the firm's alleged ties to the Chinese govt. We all know how the Chinese spies and hacks, so this is completely understandable.
 iTunes Match is great, I've been subscribing for a couple of years now. I don't even need to store my files on my drives anymore after I upload it to iTunes Match, as that is where my entire master library now resides. The entire library can easily be downloaded again anytime that I please.
I'll be happy when AAPL rises above 100, and stays above.   Big things are coming from Apple very soon, and we've hardly seen any of it yet this year.   This fall and winter will be huge for Apple in my opinion.
 Yep! Agreed. AAPL will soon be over $100, with or without the Russians. 
 That's true. When I was standing in line to buy an iPad 2 a few years ago (it took me three attempts to score an iPad 2), the number one scalpers were without a doubt the Chinese. The Russians were number two. 
New Posts  All Forums: