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Hey, what d'ya know? So it turns out that I was right, even though there was some protesting as usual in the previous thread. The celebrities were ignorant and careless. And especially if somebody is storing nude photos of themselves on their phones and in the cloud, then maybe, just maybe they should be more careful. In the end, it's their ass that's on the line, literally speaking, so they should take extra care with their personal security.   Cook said that if...
 Just wait until the next article comes along that has something to do with Apple and Australia. There's not too many of those. If I feel that Australia is in the wrong, then don't worry, I would have no problems with bashing Australia, or anybody else for that matter!
 You're basically calling Jony Ive a boorish oaf, because he's the one that said that the iWatch will be trouble. According to the rumor of course, which is what this thread is about.
 I don't know why Jony Ive supposedly made the rumored statement that he did, and what exactly he meant by it. I guess that we will all find out soon enough.
 And if you happened to drop dead tomorrow, I obviously wouldn't care either, but what's your point?
 You can quit with the "us all" baloney. There is no "us all", and you don't speak for anybody except for yourself, so don't pretend to speak for anybody else. And it could be said that Jony Ive attacked Switzerland with his rumored statement. If what he says is true, then that's trouble for Switzerland. My statement is simply expanding upon what Ive said and adding my own thoughts. Crush Switzerland means to hurt their watch industry economically. If Apple is so good and...
 No doubt. I like chocolate a lot.  I'm not too familiar with Swiss women, the check box on my conquest list for Swiss women is still empty, but I'm sure that they're ok. Perhaps I will find out one day.
 That's an option too, everybody has their own methods. Hell, I lost the equivalent of many Android phones today just in the drop in AAPL today. One Android phone is meaningless to me. I'd probably just break the damn thing. 
 You are obviously a better person than I am, because I would probably be deeply offended if anybody gave me such a gift.  I figure that anybody who would be giving me such a gift would have to know me fairly well, and anybody who knows me, knows that I pretty much only use Apple stuff, so I would have to assume that if somebody that I knew gave me such a gift, it would have to be some kind of practical joke or something. If it was a joke, then I would laugh it off,...
 Totally agree.
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