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  I don't disagree with that. There seems to be a lot of emotional people out there in that case though.
  If anybody is guilty of xenophobia, it is China.
This is awesomely ironic!   First of all, I'd like to congratulate all of the Mike Daiseys of the world and other lying anti-Apple activists for a job well done! This poor worker no longer has to worry about being overworked and working under "terrible", "inhumane" and "sadistic" conditions anymore.   If we're lucky, thousands more will be laid off, and who knows how many of those will suddenly get the urge to jump from some roof? This is what the activists want...
Maybe Apple should apologize to them, and then they'll reinvest. 
Great, a state sanctioned, communist shake down, and Apple just apologizes.   What will Apple apologize for next week? I'm not really pissed, since I'm not holding any AAPL at the moment, but I don't think that all of these apologies are a good thing. I am slightly mad that I didn't buy any TSLA this morning, AAPL is pretty much dead for the time being, and apologizing left & right is certainly not helping, IMO.
As for Blackberry, things aren't looking too good.   So they managed to sell a few of their new phones to the few Blackberry customers that are still left, so what? They actually lost more customers than they gained new ones, so their customer base is on the decline, even with their new phone.   And then there's the iPhone using, Blackberry "creative director", Alicia Keys, what a great decision. 
What makes this tablet any different from the other 659 "iPad competitors" that came before it, all of which have failed?    Apparently, the threshold for being named an "iPad competitor" is quite low.    We've all seen this story before and most of us already know how it's going to play out. 
  It wouldn't be changing anything that they've done though, IMO. An Apple game controller would be available as an additional accessory, for those people who want it. It would give Apple a chance to grab an even bigger slice of the gaming market, and it would make millions of people happy, the people who would want such a controller. They could have a version of the Apple TV that came bundled with the controller. It would fly off of the shelves.   I don't believe that...
  It's true that there are certain types of games that are well suited for touch screens. Certain games even work better on a touch screen than with anything else.   On the other hand, there are certain games where a controller would be preferred.   Even when the iPad 10 is released in 6 years time, a game like PacMan (and plenty of other games) will still be better with a joystick or controller than with a touch screen.   It would be really boneheaded of Apple to not...
  Damn, that is rather unfortunate, because that guy is almost never wrong.   So, if this rumor is untrue at the present time, then I still think that this is something that Apple should be doing, and they should do it sooner rather than later. What are they waiting for?
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