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You know, I had never really given this question much thought (whether or not the iPhone would be included as part of the deal), but the more I think about it, the more it begins to make sense. They have a chance to really begin to build a gigantic user base and at the same time blow past that 10mil mark without even batting an eye. Interesting...
I've noticed the same thing lately. Makes me wonder why I even have both sites bookmarked.\
Actually, it was almost ten weeks before the price drop... still a sting nonetheless. I would think this time around they will try and stick pretty close to the $399/$499 spot. There are rumors of rebates or subsidies as well; however, I'm not so sure how much substance these predictions really have. Either way, we'll know all in just a a short time now.
These are the first of the supposed "leaks" that I actually see as a possibility.
Little annoying for me as well...
No one is questioning whether or not they're Photoshops. The question is whether or not these supposed cases are representative of what the 3G iPhone's dimensions will be.
Has Apple ever introduced an updated product that is thicker than its predecessor? I'm having trouble recalling this ever happening before.
2132kbps WiFi195kbps EDGE
Sounds fine... although it sure is beginning to feel like we'll never see copy and paste on this dang phone! :-)
You are so going to eat your words it's not even funny, and yet... I still find it hilarious.
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