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Hey Everyone!! I was just wondering what the difference is between DVD RAM and DVD R. Thanks guys!
Alright, This is my deal. I have two iMac's hooked up to a network hub. Along with my PowerBook running AirPort, which is also hooked up to the hub. All for the sake of DSL. However, everything there is working perfectly. Thank God. My problem comes along after I "upgraded" to 10.1. Now, don't get me wrong. I love it. Mac OS X v10.1 is a GREAT start to Apple's next generation operating system. However, I have come to notice that a few of my most beloved features from Mac...
Also, here is something a little different. It's a little more specific to taxes. Also Mac OS X Native! TaxCut 2001 Deluxe Filing Edition Hope this helps, again! :cool: [ 01-26-2002: Message edited by: SurfRat ]

Here is what I use. It's great. Simple. Elegant. Highly Efficient. And most of all, it's fully Mac OS X Native. Quicken 2002 Deluxe Hope this helps! :cool:
1. Finder 2. Mail 3. IE 5.1 4. iTunes 5. iMovie 6. iPhoto 7. Sherlock 8. AppleWorks 6.2 9. AIM 10. Wolfenstein MP Demo (Can't wait for full version!)
Hey everyone. I was just trying to encrypt one of my files today. Totally just dawned on me that it's nowhere to be found in Mac OS X. Or at least it's nowhere to be found for me. Do you guys know if they ditched it in the new OS? Thanks for the help! :cool:
Hello all! It's good to see that appleinsider is back up and running again! It's been much too long. Well, I guess my question for you all is: Wouldn't it be great if apple could come out with a new "Aiport-Type" device that also let you plug in your printer, USB speakers, and anything else that would require coming back to your desk after surfing the internet wirelessly. I curently own a Firewire PowerBook and have the frist version of aiport. I love it, it makes...
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