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Same thing happened to me a few months after I purchased my iPhone. Took it in to the Apple Store and they replaced it within minutes, free of charge. Every Apple product comes standard with a one year warranty that covers these types of issues.
Wait wait wait wait wait! The iPhone that is available today for $399 is NO different than the one that was announced at MacWorld San Francisco over a year ago! Don't get me wrong, I love mine more than any phone I've ever owned... but I've had it for what seems like ages! (I know I'm being a bit dramatic, but I'm trying to make a point.) By the standards of the technology world, this phone is dated. Wait for the second generation, which will undoubtedly be available by...
Not quite sure where you see that on Amazon. On their Computer Bestsellers list, the MacBook is number four, and the MacBook Air is number ten.
I see what you're saying, but I believe the "mobile web" that he is speaking of simply means "on the go." And what he seems to be saying, (not sure if I agree or not yet) is that Apple is really pushing for 'standards' that they can control, in this case through WebKit. He makes a good case for the most part, but saying Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch sales aren't being hurt at all by the fact that Flash is absent through Safari, is definitely an arguable point.
Sweet. On it.
Haha! Perfect! At first I was like... eh, doesn't look that bad. But then all hell broke loose. Very classic.
The processor speed wouldn't be too noticeable, less than 10% faster, but the extra 128MB of SDRAM will pack a very noticeable punch. Like others have said though, now is not the time to buy a MacBook Pro. I mean, unless you need to have it now, then of course now is the time. Just keep in mind that the last full release was around June of last year, with an added 2.6GHz option landing early last fall. So it's just about time for some sort of revision.
Neither, actually.I truly think it's a wonder that Apple has managed to fit such an amazing machine into such a small, sleek package.But the original poster is weighing (no pun intended) his options, plusses and minuses, between a MacBook and a MacBook Air.If the MacBook is even an option, there should be no question here. And when someone is on here ranting about a two pound difference, you can't help but shake your head in amazement.Be real with yourself here for a...
Seriously? Take something that's roughly 5lbs and hold it in one hand. Now take something that's roughly 3lbs and hold it in the other. If you don't immediately begin laughing at yourself for how obsurd that comment sounds, you have larger problems to worry about.
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