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All I know, is that all the so-called 'mock-ups' of the iPhone completely paled in comparison to the real thing. Hopefully we'll see this ring true with whatever Apple is coming out with tomorrow.
Considering AT&T has a 5-year contract with Apple to be the sole provider of the iPhone, no.
It's definitely a possibility, but the next model may be referred to as the 'mid 2009' model. You just never know.
I concur. These updates should definitely be rolling out much faster than they have been. I doubt anyone is expecting anything earth shattering, but after all, Apple said the updates were coming, not us. On a side note, the best iPhone web app for instant messaging is JiveTalk. iphone.beejive.com (makes Meebo look like a dirty trash can full of poop).
Yes! I totally agree. I almost always will use two hands to answer/unlock the phone. Although not crucial, this would be a nice and very functional new feature.
Wow. That is quite possibly the worst logic I have ever heard in my life.
I'd like to see a 'Call Back & Delete' button in the voicemail portion of the phone. I generally keep voicemails only until I return the call, then I delete them. Being able to do both with one action would be very nice.
Is this a hardware issue, or something that could be fixed through a simple software update?
I'm not sure how to link to an example since it happens on my phone, but I'll try to explain it better. Say I have a page open in Safari, and then I want to look something up on google. I'll click the little button on the bottom right and then click new page. I'll then browse around on google, visiting a few different pages. After I find the info I want, I click that little button on the bottom right again to navigate back to my original page. But there is no original...
Why do multiple pages refresh after a few minutes of browsing in another window? This is sooooo frustrating. Pages should be able to be left open indefinitely without losing the info on the page, whether you have multiple pages open, navigate away from Safari, or stop using your phone for a prolonged period of time. What gives?
New Posts  All Forums: