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Indeed, you can backup other external drives. It's really simple, here's how: 1. Open System Preferences 2. Click on Time Machine under 'System' 3. Click Options 4. Highlight the external drive you wish to backup 5. Click the minus, or remove button 6. Click Done! That should do the trick.
Yes. 3B48b
Seen it on Without a Trace too. Pretty much all over the place...
Haha! And he's not even using the phone... the backlight is still on. Pfft... noobs.
The iPhone no longer displays the Apple Bluetooth Headset on the screen while in the charging dock. Bug? Feature?
It's up on iTunes, in case anyone cares....
oh cool. my bad. i neglected to realize that there are still people in the dark ages. i kid i kid.
no...... it's the option key.... shift key does nothing.
Nice find! My guess is that it will either be deleted very soon, or we'll see a new feature in the next update.
Wait, $70 with education discount? Where are you seeing this? Everywhere on Apple's site says $116. Could you direct me there?
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