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I'd say give it time. You'd be surprised what Apple can accomplish in a couple years. Afterall, the success of the iPod didn't happen overnight either. In my opinion though, the iPhone is well on its way.
Alright Mr. Hughes, just caaalm down.
Haha! Classic quote from Mike Lanman. It amazes me that people are still willing to predict Apple's doom with such conviction. Seems like most people who have attempted to do so in the past have had to eat their words just months later.
24. Some sort of shortcut to turn Bluetooth on and off. Too many steps as it is.
http://forums.thestranger.com/archiv...php/t-986.html The reason 'wreaked' sounds okay to say is because the word 'reeked' is indeed a real word and sounds identical. The past tense of wreak is actually wrought, although spell check seems to be okay with 'wreaked' as well. Go figure.
Still can't use Safari and listen to music at the same time.
So how would this indicate a new phone?
Noticed the same thing. Anyone else have this experience?
Ooooh... I wonder if they're purposefully going to put something in this new update that will fry all those suckers hacked phones...
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