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I tried to start a thread on "Tags" vs "Labels"-- losing the latter devastated my visual organization system and there seems to be no solution or way back.  It kept me from " "upgrading" one iMac27 after I mistakenly put Mavericks on my wife's iMac and my several MacBook Pros and Airs.  Brutal...
I guess I am totally alone here?  Why did the AppleCare tech I asked online say that this is one of the most common complaints?
Anyone else find the conversion of clear colorful shadings on items in lists and folders better than the new "Tabs" with the little colored blotch on the Right (????) side of the name-- is this Japan?   My entire visual file structure blew up when I went to Mavericks. Is there any way back or a fix to bring back the way things have been since Apple introduced color….?
Goodie, goodie; more dongles!  
I deeply sympathize with this vision situation and have recommended the use of the external display for this at the desktop.  I, too, think the 17 inch size has great merit and would hope to have seen it in the new form factor.  Most seem to love 15" but I see it as a kind of "twiner," not really super portable and yet not up to 17 standards to date.  I have yet to use the "retina" display, so cannot rate this fully yet.   I see the combination of a MBAir for...
A fair point. I had never tried to expand the menu text until you raised it, though. Now I feel deprived. Damn Apple!
While I would love to have seen the TV of which Steve dreamed-- I still recall the joy of the NeXT machine, I do agree there that an actual Apple Branded TV in that vipers' pit of high-speed competition makes little sense. Trying to keep my SONY system up-to-date a year or so after going HD LCD has been a nightmare and integrating Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba components.... I dove what the little Apple TV did for me, one HDMI & one Optical Audio cable plugged into...
I was suckered into buying a new MBA without it and then it came along soon after...
This is an excellent question:roll eyes: I worry about the loss of the DVD optical drive for academic use as a projection device for films from DVDs. I have one MBP 15" dedicated to Japan-zone DVDs and use a 17" for everything else. MacBook Air? That's what I carry back and forth to Japan and use in libraries and archives, but I find the external dangle a true drag; light a it is it is just hard to use.
But you don't HAVE to sell it do you?
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