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Really? I didn't know that! So, I guess they don't all work for Apple. Probably the iOS code is some kind of external OS and Apple has nothing to do with it. I that case I have no complains at all. It's not Apple fault. Not their OS, sorry! Please Apple, please, concentrate all of your resources to make the next iPhone 0.00000001 mm thinner! That's what I really want!
That is what happens when you are obsessed with making the phone 0.00001mm thinner instead of taking care of things that truly matters like, you know, SECURITY!
You are right! But you know what the problem is? Those "people" are probably 90% of the Earth population!
I'm waiting for DED to spin this story a little
Don't worry, I know exactly what has happened. There was nothing wrong with the S4, you just didn't know how to operate it! You see, the phone was "smart". You, not so much!
One company from my country: http://www.allviewmobile.com/index.php?id=9
Can you not load any Android app on Amazon tablets? There must be a way to jailbreak it.
Man, those bits are really heavy stuff! Anyway, both are good tablets. It really is incredible how fast the technology advances!
And that proves only one thing. People want bigger screen phones, and Apple is really dumb not making one! Yes, they are selling a lot of iPhones but maybe, just maybe, if they had a 5 inch phone they could sell double, or triple what they are selling now! I know I would buy one.
So, now Apple invented Gold? Really?
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