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http://www.macrumors.com/2014/09/18/iphone-6-plus-teardown/ iFixIt has exposed Apple's new A8 processor in their teardown, which reveals the F8164A3PM inscribed on the chip. The second digit in that sequence, 8, corresponds to 8 Gigabits (1 GB) of RAM in Micron's catalog.
Yeap, even if you are not an Apple fan you have to recognize the power of Apple and the good things they are doing. I like how the banks and card issuers are now practically begging Apple to let them use this.
Does the Apple Watch have NFC? I think I saw a picture with someone wearing the watch near a NFC reader, but I'm not sure. Edit: I found the image: http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/IMG_0922.jpg
Round screen is stupid and non functional for a computer. I want a wrist computer, not a watch. If I want a watch, I buy a watch. The best wrist computer until now is that Samsung Gear they show the other day. I hope Apple makes a square one. Would you want a round screen for your desktop monitor? http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/13256/13427466_1.jpg?v=8CF3C5C70B7A2B0
Apple's 2 factor authentication is a bad joke! It's not even available in all European countries! For 2 years I'm waiting for 2 factor authentication and Apple don't want to give it in my country while I'm using 2 factor authentication for Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and everything else. For Apple you don't count if you don't live in a rich Western country. You are only good to be milked for money not to have access to basic security! The only thing they care is profits,...
And yet AAPL is falling like a rock today! Run for the hills! )
I really like that watch especially because you don't need a phone anymore. Let's see what Apple comes up with.
It only has 1Gb of RAM!!! I'm not buying this! Not in 2014!
Of course 1Gb is sufficient because no developer will be stupid enough to build an app that needs more than 1Gb of memory if he knows the iPhone doesn't have more than 1Gb of memory! However this is NOT GOOD! Give developers more memory so they could build BETTER apps! Artificially limiting the iPhone memory is only bad for consumers but of course is great for Apple profits! Unfortunately, the average consumer and the brain washed Apple fan will never knew he is missing...
 Or maybe they are just fucking greedy!
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