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Apple did that in the past with some Mac Airs. Some of them had Samsung SSD and some of them Toshiba SSD. The ones with Samsung SSD were much faster.  http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/2011-macbook-air-shipping-with-fast-samsung-and-slow-toshiba-ssds/10701
Bytheway, you should check NFC World to see how widespread NFC has become! http://www.nfcworld.com/
NFC, YES! Finally! NFC & big, big screen => Me, buying iPhone again!
"NFC antennas"!!! I they go the NFC route I'm back into Apple ecosystem and I'll buy this watch and the 5.5 inch iPhone. Otherwise I'll stick to my Android.
But... it's 4.7"!!! Just like the iPhone 6! Thieeeeeves!!!!!
I have one of this crap adapters. And of course there is no Apple store in my country, so I'm stuck with this piece of crap! Thank you Apple! Next time I'll buy a Samsung!
Ah, don't worry too much, Apple will be back as the most innovative company with a... thinner iPhone! It's gonna be awesome!
NFC and a large screen are the only two things that can keep me in the iPhone ecosystem. Anyway, NFC is good in a phone, but it will be amazing in a watch. You will only have to swipe you watch and then press you fingerprint on the screen to confirm and that's it, you've paid! Practically you don't have to take out anything from your pocket, you always have your wallet in your hand. And even if someone steals your watch, they don't have your fingerprints. iWatch + NFC is...
Really? I didn't know that! So, I guess they don't all work for Apple. Probably the iOS code is some kind of external OS and Apple has nothing to do with it. I that case I have no complains at all. It's not Apple fault. Not their OS, sorry! Please Apple, please, concentrate all of your resources to make the next iPhone 0.00000001 mm thinner! That's what I really want!
That is what happens when you are obsessed with making the phone 0.00001mm thinner instead of taking care of things that truly matters like, you know, SECURITY!
New Posts  All Forums: