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It only has 1Gb of RAM!!! I'm not buying this! Not in 2014!
Of course 1Gb is sufficient because no developer will be stupid enough to build an app that needs more than 1Gb of memory if he knows the iPhone doesn't have more than 1Gb of memory! However this is NOT GOOD! Give developers more memory so they could build BETTER apps! Artificially limiting the iPhone memory is only bad for consumers but of course is great for Apple profits! Unfortunately, the average consumer and the brain washed Apple fan will never knew he is missing...
 Or maybe they are just fucking greedy!
 It means you'll still be a "wall hogger", like "the enemy" says!
Apple did that in the past with some Mac Airs. Some of them had Samsung SSD and some of them Toshiba SSD. The ones with Samsung SSD were much faster.  http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/2011-macbook-air-shipping-with-fast-samsung-and-slow-toshiba-ssds/10701
Bytheway, you should check NFC World to see how widespread NFC has become! http://www.nfcworld.com/
NFC, YES! Finally! NFC & big, big screen => Me, buying iPhone again!
"NFC antennas"!!! I they go the NFC route I'm back into Apple ecosystem and I'll buy this watch and the 5.5 inch iPhone. Otherwise I'll stick to my Android.
But... it's 4.7"!!! Just like the iPhone 6! Thieeeeeves!!!!!
I have one of this crap adapters. And of course there is no Apple store in my country, so I'm stuck with this piece of crap! Thank you Apple! Next time I'll buy a Samsung!
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