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But, but, but aren't you tired of asking the same stupid question for the last couple of years? If Samsung is in fact not "selling" any phones, maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is also not selling any Windows, right? Maybe they also just "ship" Windows and everybody is in fact using Macs and everything is just a giant conspiracy against poor Apple, right?
Ugly green! Ewww!
So, you believe your "hopes" is reality. It is not! It's just you dreaming. Apple certainly has the money to make aggressive, advanced research but they are not doing it. Apple is afraid of taking risks. All of their "research" is how to make the iphone "thinner"! They just sit on that pile of cash. Apple actualy spend less than others on research! They spend a lot of cash on marketing instead. They could spend 50 billion on battery technology and make a breakthrough in...
Apple past? What Apple past? There is no "Apple past" or "Apple way"! There was just "Steve Jobs way" and I have bad news for you, Steve Jobs is DEAD! And I have more bad news for you. You can not teach Genius! No more Steve Jobs, no more "Apple way"!
Well, not exactly! You are a fan, right? So, you have to do it!
Yes it is! Look at the AAPL price!
I'm from Romania and I can't buy movies or TV shows from Apple, only music and apps. I can not even use two step authentication from Apple, but I can use it from Google! The iPhone 5 16Gb is 350 Euro with 2 years 51 Euro monthly contract and S4 is 240 Euro with 2 years 49 Euro monthly contract.   http://www.orange.ro/iphone/   Also, keep in mind that the average monthly income is 300-400 euro in Romania (much lower in India by the way). That's equivalent with an iPhone 5...
But look! What do we see today? AAPL bellow 400$??? Again?!? Is it true? Yes it is!
Man, is AAPL going down, or is AAPL going down???
What's yours? A thinner phone? Because in recent years this is all Apple is doing. They make things thinner. That's their definition of innovation.
New Posts  All Forums: