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1 Gb of RAM when everybody has 2 Gb? Major FAIL Apple!
Nokia was smart betting on Microsoft. Microsoft is too big, too powerful to fail. Blackberry is alone and it will fail.
This is just the beginning. In Romania, 3 years ago, I was able to buy an iPhone 4 for 200 Euro with contract. Now you can buy an equivalent iPhone 5 for 350-400 Euro with contract. That is from all 3 major carriers. At the same time you can buy an equivalent Android phone, Galaxy 4, OneX, for 200-250 Euro with contract. The result is that the iPhone 5 is almost extinct from the market. There is only one solution for Apple if they want to survive in the future: Give up...
  Close enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT5JiINlbhw
The fingerprint thing it's a good thing, but if it comes without NFC it's half baked and almost useless. It's still a good innovation but... too little and too late.
I think that Moto X is the first true computer phone like in Star Trek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBGU9t7NpaA Honestly I never thought I will see the day when you can talk and give commands without touching any button, just like in Star Trek! Unbelievable!
You could always try to bury your head in the sand. It works! If you don't find out about "something", that "something" will just magically vanish!
But, but, but aren't you tired of asking the same stupid question for the last couple of years? If Samsung is in fact not "selling" any phones, maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is also not selling any Windows, right? Maybe they also just "ship" Windows and everybody is in fact using Macs and everything is just a giant conspiracy against poor Apple, right?
Ugly green! Ewww!
So, you believe your "hopes" is reality. It is not! It's just you dreaming. Apple certainly has the money to make aggressive, advanced research but they are not doing it. Apple is afraid of taking risks. All of their "research" is how to make the iphone "thinner"! They just sit on that pile of cash. Apple actualy spend less than others on research! They spend a lot of cash on marketing instead. They could spend 50 billion on battery technology and make a breakthrough in...
New Posts  All Forums: