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Elon Musk? Imagine what Apple(cash)+Tesla+SpaceX could build together!!!
Ooops! AAPL 398$
  So, do you really think Apple has fall from 700$ to 400$ because of the... samsung paid bloggers? Oh boy!
 He, he, I might buy bellow 400$!
In the mean time, AAPL is falling like a rock! 400$ level fast approaching!!!
Seriously you don't know? On this forum a good looking app, in fact a beautiful and magical app would be... the same WhatsApp if... Apple would have bought it, of course! :D
You know, you could use a search engine and inform yourself. Try... Google! OMG, I forgot, you can't use Google because is made by the ENEMY, and since Apple doens't have a search engine, you have to rely only on Apple Insider for information!
Since Apple has decided that they don't want to announce anything, what else besides rumours and analysis do you expect to read? There is nothing else to report, and this is Apple's fault. With Google you can talk about Google Glass, about self driving cars, but with Apple you can only talk rumours. In my opinion this is stupid. It might have worked when they were a small company, but not now when they are the biggest corporation on Earth. Inverstors and average people...
I could bet everything that at least the fingerprint sensor is true. Last year every rumour has been confirmed. When a rumour about NFC had appeared in August, a NO NFC rumour quickly was published in WSJ and Bloomberg. Make no mistake, these rumours are controlled rumours spread by Apple.
This is good. I was waiting for this. NFC is good, fingerprint is good, but I still need a 4.8-5 inch screen. I might stay with Apple if they bring these to the next iPhone. Ha, look at AAPL, it just jumped up! Probably because of this rumour. :D
New Posts  All Forums: