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Both are great devices and have different purposes. The watch should have NFC.
Great post! You should be CEO instead of Tim Cook :D
Yeah and the fox stated that the grapes are sour!
The market is skyrocketing today, but AAPL is like the only stock in red! Everything is up, except AAPL! Great job Tim Cook! You're the man!
 It's not a bad thing, but I don't get this. What is it good for? A laptop with just a browser. Why? I like a lot of Google stuff, like Glass and self driving cars, but this? For 1500$?
Bullshit! I own both and I prefer to buy and play 80$ true games and not 1$ garbage games! There is no such report! Show the facts if you have them! I never heard of a single gamer who plays Star Wars The Old Republic and now says: "Doh, I'm gone start playing Angry Birds Star Wars because it's cheaper and greater!"
Lol, you don't get it! There are very few "Apple fans" around here! The majority of posters, at least the vocal ones, are shareholders not fans! Check their posts, they are concerned especially with how Apple should increase margin and profits by selling everything as high as possible, not how to create great new devices or computers. The Shareholder is the opposite of the fan! Once you buy a single Apple share you are not a "fan" anymore. Your interests and fan's...
Sure, you are right, it will burst. But you see, it appears that Apple bubble already burst!
Really? Take a look at this and tell me you don't see any difference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u541wKmf0UU
I have one of these! OMG now I have to get rid of my wheel and start rotating the iPhone!
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