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I also use 1Password and random answers for questions like: rf4aTKbZxJSDmE2Uc.mku"GRD. I heard that LastPass has two factor authentication for master password so I'm thinking to migrate to LastPass but I don't know if they have a standalone app for desktop.
This is where NFC would be great. Oops, the iPhone does not have NFC!
LOL! So, you say when you run a store and you don't sell your products well, it's somehow... customers fault, not yours??? It's customers job to buy your products, not yours to sell your products? OMG! Are you for real???
There is no And. It's just me, stating what I believe will happen next. iPhone 5% marketshare in the next 3 years. That is if Cook is not fired and Apple doesn't change it's jobsian way of doing things.
MacOSX 7.29% March 2013 http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-ww-monthly-201203-201303
Soon the iPhone will be 5% of the market, just like the Mac.
Honest question. Did you check every airports from every city around the globe? Do you think your airport, your office and your city are representative for the entire planet? Do you want to know how many ipads I saw this year in my town? One. One iPad and maybe... 5 iPhones, including mine. But every day I see everywhere a lot of Android phones. Not many Android tablets, true, but a lot of Android phones.
Really? And how come Samsung managed to have a 7 billion profit by... inflating their sales figures? If they aren't selling that much how could they grow their profits? By magic maybe?
I'm in my fourties and I like games more than ever! REAL games, not stupid little waste of time like Angry Birds on a tiny stupid little screen! You want me to believe that you were playing old great games like... Baldur's Gate and now suddenly you gave up playing real games for... Angry Birds??? Yeah, right!
  Yes sir, you are right! Let the REAL games begin! Never too old for games! Once a gamer always a gamer!
New Posts  All Forums: