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Disappointing! I think I'm still gone have to remember my 20 random character password. Well, it was nice while the dream of never having to use another password lasted
Clearly you are paid by Samsung! Apple knows better what is good for you! /s
No you wouldn't buy it. Because you forget one thing, the PLASTIC CASE! You wouldn't buy last year Macbook Air with a plastic case! Never! Didn't Apple had until a few years ago a cheap plastic MacBook, and they get rid of it? I'm wondering why...
Buying the iPhone 5C instead of 5S is like buying last year MacBook Air or Pro for only $100-$200 cheaper than this year model. And with a plastic case instead of aluminum. Would you buy it? Of course not!
Nice way to create even more anti Apple sentiments. Not very smart this Cook. He's not even original.
Goood, gooood! Firefox user here!
Everything looks too small! Now I can't read even with my glasses! This iOS 7 was made for a 5 inch iPhone! Otherwise it looks nice, I like it! But I NEED A 5 INCH IPHONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must have a pretty stupid "friend"! Tell your "friend" he DOESN'T have to use the stylus if he thinks it's horrible!
I there any book called "64-bit for Dummies"? I need it!
Neah, don't worry! I just have to look at AAPL price and suddenly I feel great! It's soooo good to make money on the downside! :D
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