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Boy, I have never seen so many Apple shareholders scared in my life!!! Literally scared to death!!!
You are wrong. Many people here are not "only" Apple fans, they are Apple shareholders and the only thing that matters to them is that Apple stock goes higher and higher! They are not drive by objectivity but by pure GREED! It's just disgusting! Sometimes this site makes me NOT want to buy Apple products anymore. And by the way, I will NEVER buy an ebook from Apple!
Yes it is for real. You could have find out yourself if you have checked with Google. But of course you can not use Google because Google is "The Enemy", right? Doctor web is an antivirus company established in 1992: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Web
It says: Error: line: 2 message: "'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'AC.ImageReplacer._devicePixelRatio = 2')" sourceId: 2116261888 __proto__: Error
I support Amazon at this. I'm not buying ANY book from Apple until prices are equal or lower than Amazon's prices. Kindle books are great, and Apple is greedy (as usual). GO GO AMAZON!
A led on the front of the case to see if you miss phone calls.
Listen, I NEED at least a 4 inch screen! My eyes need a bigger screen! Almost all other phones have a bigger screen. I like the Apple ecosystem, I like Siri, I like iCloud, but if the next iPhone will not have at least a 4 inch screen (preferably 4.5 for me), I WILL LEAVE! I will probably buy a future Windows Phone 8 as I don't like the Android mess. For now, I'm sticking with my iPhone 4, but next year...
Not being the biggest company on Earth anymore, if they come up with a spec bump, while they are sitting on 90$ billion pile of cash and not using it for aggressive R&D? Do you know that NASA has a budget of 17$ billion a year? With that pile of cash Apple could land a man on the moon if they want to! They could build an International Space Station! And they are coming with the same design and... more memory? After 15 months? Really?
Your name says everything. "AppleGreen"? So, your are hoping that Apple will be "Green" on the stock market, right? You care about Apple maximizing margins and profitability? Well, I DON'T! I care about great revolutionary Apple products, not spec bumps! In fact you know what? If Apple brings just an iPhone with spec bumps, I might SHORT Apple! Why not make some money myself after all??? So, soon you might change your name in "AppleRed"!
Yes it is. But I already have one! Why would I buy another one???
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