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If it was something truly new and amazing in the new iPhone I think we would have heard a rumor by now. There were lots of leaks this year but nothing amazing. I was thinking, well, at least it will bring NFC and if NFC is to succeed Apple can do it!
Then I guess I'm still gone stay with my iPhone 4. Even if it's 2 years old I see no compelling reason to buy the new iPhone. I really see no reason to spend 200-300 Euros for a new iPhone that is... 1mm thinner and has a smaller connector!
 I think they are afraid that Windows Store will steal their customers. People will start buying programms and games directly from Windows Store.
 They better do it. Otherwise I'll just keep my perfectly good iPhone 4 for another year.
I will probably change my iPhone 4 but only if iPhone 5 has NFC, LTE compatible with Europe, and... something else totally unexpected, something revolutionary!
This is a sick obsession with thin! Who cares about that??? My iPhone 4 is already thin enough, I don't need thinner. I need better battery so they could use this to put a bigger battery. A selling point for me would also be the inclusion of NFC since Orange has already started tests with NFC in my country and they lend Blackberry phones for the tests for now. I want NFC! But if they come in October and say: "Hey, look, this is the iPhone 5, it's thinneeeeeer!!!", then...
 Come on! It's MG Siegler we are talking about! He's like the biggest Apple fan on the planet. He never said something good about Android until now! If he says Nexus 7 is great, then it's great!
Boy, you should read MG Siegler review about Nexus 7 in Tech Crunch: "An iPad Lover’s Take On The Nexus 7"! I didn't expect this review! He really likes it! Also Walt Mossberg review from All ThingsD: "From Google, the Toughest Challenger to the iPad". If they like Nexus 7, then I'm gone buy this tablet! Just saying, for all of you who think Nexus 7 is garbage, read the reviews. Finally, we have true competition!
You are missing the point. The majority of posts around here are made not by true Apple fanboys but by the Apple shareholders. Yes, they do want to live in a world with no competition, they don't really care if Apple innovate or not and they don't want to keep prices down. In fact they want Apple to raise prices as high as possible! Yes, Nexus 7 has great reviews and the thought that Nexus 7 might be profitable at 199$ scare them, because Apple might be forced to lower...
" ThePixelDoc Quote: Yup... that's why the AAPL share price rose today by almost $12.00. We be a shaken... :) " --------------------------------- The announcement was made after the market has closed. But let's see what is going on today! The entire market is up on good news from Greece, Microsoft is up 4% but Apple... nothing! One of the few stocks that is not up today! Oops!!!! Bad news for you, greedy Apple shareholders. But great news for tech fans and for true...
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