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I there any book called "64-bit for Dummies"? I need it!
Neah, don't worry! I just have to look at AAPL price and suddenly I feel great! It's soooo good to make money on the downside! :D
It's a good thing you are working right there at Google's most secret facilities and you can tell us with certainty what Google is working on.
I'm interested in reading a good honest article about 64-bit and what this means for Apple vs Windows vs Android, unfortunately this DED guy is really crazy and I can't trust a single word he says. Actually I just couldn't read more than a few paragraphs. He makes me sick.
To me it's clear that the iPhone 5C was intended to be sold at around $400. Probably there were two sides inside Apple. One who believes that Apple should regain market share by selling a cheap plastic iPhone and another side who believes Apple should remain a premium brand and never sell cheap stuff. Now, probably the cheap side had convinced Cook that they need a cheap plastic iPhone in order to regain market share. And they start producing this phone. But later probably...
There is not a single person in the world who knows that. Why do you think anyone here knows the answer?
How do you know? Did Apple ever released a cheap iPhone and the markets plummeted? No? Then how do you know how the markets would have reacted to a cheap iPhone? You are just speculating without any base.
Gold is gooood!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-RetY7fGo
I'm watching, I'm watching, except they are not shooting back up, rather they are shooting... down! AAPL $454
One of the main reason to buy an iPhone is to show others that you have money, that you are rich! At least that is in less developed markets like Eastern Europe, probably China, India, etc. A few days ago someone asked me if she should buy an iPhone 4 with a 2 years contract and give up the current HTC One X. I asked if she realized the iPhone 4 is an old inferior phone and she said it doesn't matter, it's an iPhone. Then I've asked her what she thinks about the new iPhone...
New Posts  All Forums: