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Goood, gooood! Firefox user here!
Everything looks too small! Now I can't read even with my glasses! This iOS 7 was made for a 5 inch iPhone! Otherwise it looks nice, I like it! But I NEED A 5 INCH IPHONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must have a pretty stupid "friend"! Tell your "friend" he DOESN'T have to use the stylus if he thinks it's horrible!
I there any book called "64-bit for Dummies"? I need it!
Neah, don't worry! I just have to look at AAPL price and suddenly I feel great! It's soooo good to make money on the downside! :D
It's a good thing you are working right there at Google's most secret facilities and you can tell us with certainty what Google is working on.
I'm interested in reading a good honest article about 64-bit and what this means for Apple vs Windows vs Android, unfortunately this DED guy is really crazy and I can't trust a single word he says. Actually I just couldn't read more than a few paragraphs. He makes me sick.
To me it's clear that the iPhone 5C was intended to be sold at around $400. Probably there were two sides inside Apple. One who believes that Apple should regain market share by selling a cheap plastic iPhone and another side who believes Apple should remain a premium brand and never sell cheap stuff. Now, probably the cheap side had convinced Cook that they need a cheap plastic iPhone in order to regain market share. And they start producing this phone. But later probably...
There is not a single person in the world who knows that. Why do you think anyone here knows the answer?
How do you know? Did Apple ever released a cheap iPhone and the markets plummeted? No? Then how do you know how the markets would have reacted to a cheap iPhone? You are just speculating without any base.
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