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 No, but Lumia and Motorola and Samsung Galaxy always had some kind of plastic case. When you buy a Lumia you expect plastic!
You are right, but you see, "idiots" can see "plastic"! They might say, "Great, look, the new iPhone, let's get one to show to my neighbor that now I have an iPhone just like him!" But after he touch it he might say: "Wait a minute, this does not look like my neighbor phone! This is plastic! My neighbor has a metallic phone! This must be some Chinese clone! I'm not buying!"
Yeah, dumb people, obviously!
People who preorder on the Internet are informed people, they know very well this is last year phone in a plastic case. Apple might have more success in stores when uninformed people will be told by the salesman that this is "the new iPhone" although it is not! Probably some uninformed people will give up a perfectly good iPhone 5 for the "new" iPhone 5c I think, in the end this is what Apple counts for with this iPhone 5c. Sell to people last year phone but tell them...
You are surprised because you have AAPL shares and so your vision about reality is skewed. If you were show the Apple 5C with an Android OS on it and didn't know it's an Apple phone, I bet you would have scream that it's a crappy piece of plastic shit from Samsung and it's ugly as death!
None! No color will be out-of-stocks!
But I don't hate Apple! I don't like a lot of the things they do, like not making a 5 inch screen or NFC, but hate them? No. I understand they are greedy, but... Greed is good! Greed is the engine of the capitalistic world! And they do make good hardware. My iPhone 4 is a great phone! Except I'm not a crazy Apple fan, or an AAPL shareholder! And I'm here because I like being here!
It was $445 when I looked 30 minutes ago. Now it's $482.
Actually it's even more expensive in China! "The new iPhones go on sale next week in China and they are very expensive. The starting prices for the 5c and 5s are $735 and $867, respectively." http://www.usatoday.com/story/world/2013/09/11/apples-new-iphones-may-underwhelm-in-china/2796885/
Lol, it's just plastic! By the way look at AAPL price! $445!!! I guess the markets doesn't like too much this "extraordinaire plastic"!
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