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Really? You know it's the same phone you already have, right? And the plastic one it might be functional and usefull, but beautiful? Come on!
If they can not innovate at least they should try coping
OMG Apple invented a new color! They should patent it!
Man, this is what I call "innovation". A new color!. Who would have thought? This is what people really wanted, a new color! No, no 5 inch screen, no NFC, a new color! Tim Cook is a true visionary!
Funny! I thought here at Apple Insider no one believes what analysts say! Or you do believe the analysts only when its convenient to you?
Why the hell to they patent all of these NFC things if they actually don't intend to use them?
Yes, with WHAT??? We all know that Cook is the last man on Earth! How can you replace Cook? Blasphemy!
You can be sure DED is paid by Apple. As for the majority of people on this site, yes, since they are Apple shareholders they ARE paid by Apple.
Because they are stupid and greedy! Apparently Steve Jobs was the only guy with vision and balls. Everybody else at Apple are just yesmen without any vision or balls. With $145 billions you can do miraculous things if you have the balls to try it! But it's safer to just make things a little faster and a little thinner every year. What the hell, they didn't even have the courage to build a 5 inch screen for the iPhone! And that's not innovation, they already have the...
Oh boy! I'm so glad you are not in charged with Humanity progress and innovation, otherwise we should all still be living in caves saying: "What more do you want? Don't you have fire? Don't you have... sticks? How could other weapons exists besides sticks and stones? We can do the stones a little bigger, the sticks a little sharper, but other than that there really isn't anything!!!"
New Posts  All Forums: