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I'll buy an iPhone 5S if it has the following: 4.8-5 inch screen, NFC, 2 Gb RAM. Otherwise I'm not interested, my iPhone 4 is still good enough, I see absolutely no reason to change it. Fingerprint is nice only if you use it together with NFC to pay for things otherwise is almost a gimmick and certainly not a reason to change my phone.
The Note 3 looks great.
 This is the link for their live transmission: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaBP1zLZBzY I have a big bag of peanuts :D
Can I please have some of the stuff you are smoking there?
This is a new low for Apple! Good job making more people hate you Apple!
Really? You know it's the same phone you already have, right? And the plastic one it might be functional and usefull, but beautiful? Come on!
If they can not innovate at least they should try coping
OMG Apple invented a new color! They should patent it!
Man, this is what I call "innovation". A new color!. Who would have thought? This is what people really wanted, a new color! No, no 5 inch screen, no NFC, a new color! Tim Cook is a true visionary!
Funny! I thought here at Apple Insider no one believes what analysts say! Or you do believe the analysts only when its convenient to you?
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