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 Yeah, except Steve now sells only 13 eggs. Last year he did sell 30, and two years ago he sold 45. But not anymore. So, something must be wrong with Steve's eggs. Maybe, just maybe, Steve is too greedy and he's eggs are not worth the price he asks for them?
It certainly looks like Android has already win "the game". I didn't expect that Windows-Mac history to repeat again. At least not as fast! And it looks like in 2-3 years Windows will catch iOS! Can Apple turn the ship around? I doubt. They've just lost so many oportunities. They were kings 2-3 years ago and now...
LOL! If they are in the position to cut your hand, guess what? You will tell them every password and every two-factor authentication they will ask you!
I don't like many things Apple does but I think this is the right thing. Apple should also drop those stupid trials. When I had for a short time an Android phone I missed the rubber band from the iPhone. Simple things like this or the pinch to zoom or Samsung's 3G patents shouldn't be patents. It's clear that here Obama is protecting Apple because it's an american company, but good for him. He's the president of USA so, he should protect american companies.
Yeah, but on my Windows machine I can play Bioshock Infinity right now. Actualy I already finish it a few months ago, while you are still waiting until August 29 to be able to play it on your Macs! Well, I doubt you will be able to play it on your obsolete, old crappy Macs anyway. So...
The "other" tablets that you asked for: http://www.robustbuy.com/laptops-tablets-android-tablets-c-551_1107.html
Because you live in all of the countries at the same time! You do know there are more countries than just the USA, right?
Oh boy! I really, REALLY hope you don't decide your investments based on DED "debunks"!
You are exactly the reason why AAA games will never be on iPads. The real gamers play games on PC, XBox or Playstation. Those who are just casual gamers don't like AAA games. I bet you like Angry Birds, right?
It doesn't! But the thing is you don't want to play great AAA games on a tiny screen! These games has to be played on huge screens. But I get it, I get it, I'm on a crazy Apple fan site so...
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