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Too bad the camera was looking over her left shoulder blocking the writing.  Should have been over her right shoulder since she is left handed.
That would be good as the only ones I am familiar with come from iRig.
 Presidents do not "ratify" bills, they sign them into law or veto them.  Back to Schoolhouse Rock for you!!!!
Obviously, they are not.
They opted-in when they installed iOS9.  Shouldn't install a new OS unless you know the implications.
From the guy that dismissed Apple and the iPhone in 2007.  Now that the tables are turned...   Edit:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eywi0h_Y5_U   "..selling millions and millions and million of phones and Apple is selling zero."   Now Apple sells 200 million a year or so and Microsoft sells????????
This is all well and good until a malfunction pierces someones ear. 
 And that is why the iPad most likely is not selling in massive quantities like the iPhone that people upgrade every 1-3 years.  2 years is most likely where the majority is.  I have an iPad 4th Gen and it does everything I need it to do. Also, it could be the Plus series of iPhones are big enough to do double duty for some people so no iPad is needed/desired of that group.  A lot of factors to consider.  How is the market for other tablets doing?  Is it a general slow...
 Getting worried about a little something in your signature????   "$150 AAPL share price by 12.31.15 or banishment." 141
New Posts  All Forums: