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Corrected headline...   Banks 'scrambling' to combat fraud because they failed to use the security features Apple implemented to ensure a high level of security
 I assumed local to where their phone was currently located...
 Sounds like the iPad launch... http://www.phonearena.com/news/Exactly-how-well-is-the-new-iPad-selling_id28920http://thenextweb.com/apple/2010/04/01/neat-complete-list-positives-negatives-ipad-handson-reviews/ Just a couple citations for a little background.  Let's see where the AppleWatch sits in a few years time.
 Get ready for... RolloverGateCrashGateCrash_and_Burn_GateI_Lost_My_Keys_GateDWIGate (but officer, it drives itself...)TailGate ????AntennaGate ???? (you're not driving it right)iSkid but it will have iTractionControlBendGate (honest, I didn't see the bend in the road)... Police will issue tickets via AirDrop
The camels nose is now in the tent...
Quote: Patron:  I will have a Dirty BromwichServer:  Here ya go.Patron:  Thanks 10 minutes later... Patron:  Hey!! This Dirty Bromwich tastes like crap and leaves a really bad after taste!!Server:  Glad you enjoyed it, we worked hard to get it just right.
 That is what I don't get...if you need to hire someone to help you do your job for a customer, that comes out of your pocket, not theirs.
It adds a nice touch to the mini...
 Why do you think it is built like a spaceship??  Things go south, they can just relocate it to a low or no tax state.
What he should have said... "We had 3 months to get our software up to date to work with iOS 8 before it launched and we failed.  Then we still didn't get it updated after another 3.5 months when the quarter ended.  I failed in my leadership responsibilities and resign effective immediately.  We are very sorry."
New Posts  All Forums: