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 Something about being between a rock and a hard place. If she is energetic it is a good move for a challenge.  At Apple it will just grow with the move she has an opportunity to create something that will be a bog challenge.  Paypal is really the best company to create a payment system to compete with Apple since they have all those years of managing payments. People look at Paypal today and an online payment system but not too long ago they did something that had never...
 Netflix already has....
Thought the cover flow concept was around in jukeboxes in some manner since the 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.
   And Lawyers must BE paid their fair share...yeah, right
 They stacked them up and stood on them to reach the hole.
 Good point. I think the difference was Bill Gates depended on others to fulfill his vision and others depended on Microsoft to produce something that would let them.  Microsoft didn't deliver and the OEM's had to keep making money waiting ages for Microsoft to do their part, which was too little too late.  Since Apple controlled everything in house they were in a position to make the vision a reality.  (one man's opinion)
And my point was, Apple will fix them and just about everybody gets the updates in a timely fashion.  Not so with Android. And remember, this is AppleInsider not AndroidInsider so yeah, bias may be towards Apple.
 The lead sentence from that article starts "Apple on Monday pushed out an update addressing a "critical security issue" for OS X..."  iOS may have issues but Apple does address them and get them out to EVERYONE in a timely manner.  When will Android users get their updates???
 "Christianity" is what many called it...the bible may state otherwise.  I am part of an anabapist church and their history has always been non violence.  They were the ones mainly persecuted during the Reformation and Inquisition.
 My religion does not teach that so please do not include "religion" generically.  And we don't kill people when our religion is ridiculed, which happens all the time.  The violent outbreaks, for the most part, do have a common denominator.
New Posts  All Forums: