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 And in your own answer you missed it... I am sure biometrics are on their radar with this, it does not mean the functionality needs to be 100% of the vision at launch.  TouchID was introduced and allowed you to unlock your phone and get something from the app store.  Kind of basic.  Over that year, they got it down then it became a major component of ApplePay. Your earlier remarks seemed to say that because the "killer app" isn't there day one, it is a dud.  I say the...
 Good point...all someone has to do is go back and watch the iPad launch.  Read a book, newspaper, use Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.  They got it out on the market and let people have at it.  Same for the original iPhone...there was no 3rd party software, but I bet they knew where they were going with it at launch.  Too many examples like that.  TouchID for one.
Jay-Z: "Listen, Jimmy; you're Jimmy Iovine, and you're Apple, and truthfully, you're great. You guys are going to do great things with Beats, but ... you know, I don't have to lose in order for you guys to win, and let's just remember that."   Jimmy:  "No problem, that will be 30% please."
The "port" could be...   Kensington lock port Special port to connect an external dock to for your keyboard, mouse, monitor, digitizer, printer, etc... A hoax !!
 You have it backwards...Samsung gets paid to install those apps.  That is how the model works. Doesn't change your conclusion though, "Poor idea..."
 Someone will file a lawsuit because something was downloaded by their child...blah blah blah...
  How about Ed Flakes ??
 And my post just acknowledged that.
 That is not true, I am sure they rationally consider their response before posting..... I do think the healthy diet will do more for you BEFORE the cancer comes.  It could be our chemical addiction that adds to cancer these days.  You know, additives, preservatives, etc.
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