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 I assume they will just wipe it clean...
 Mine is plugged into my car charger on the way to work.  Plugged in again on the way home.  Plugged in overnight.  For me, I have no issues.  Your mileage may vary.
 That is the key takeaway from the article for me.  When a new version of Android is released, how many days until even 1 end user gets it? I am interested to see how the numbers develop over the week.
So...how much per month will they be paying people to use their phone for the next 2 years?
 My point stands that the Apple agreement did not bind Amazon.  If the publishers then went to Amazon to change the deal, that is on them.
 Did you join just to troll the thread?  Amazon was the monopoly, not Apple.  Apple joining the ebook market brought competition to the market.  Also, any agreements with Apple did not bind Amazon to do anything as you implied previously.
Somehow I don't think 22GB is "unlimited" either...
 You joined just to post this?  Proof please...
 I think the big difference is that someone like Apple makes the entire experience, hardware and software.  Microsoft was essentially licensing software to other companies to use but locking that "device" into their "ecosystem" so to speak.  If Microsoft had their own hardware at the time they did that, there most likely would not have been a problem on their equipment, just if they did it to others.
New Posts  All Forums: