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Seems it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
In the first paragraph it is said that Tuesday they asked the court to reject it then in the last paragraph it is stated they asked the court to approve it.Which is it?
Already got that covered....http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182759/gt-advanced-says-oppressive-and-burdensome-sapphire-contracts-with-apple-led-to-bankruptcy/30#post_2616828
 I think the whole thread needs a couple....
 I wonder how many would admit they would have the same thoughts if in that position....
When you get up and try running with the big dogs, don't be surprised if you get run over if you are unable to keep up.
 It looks like a finger pressing something so my guess is a new iPod Touch.  The bigger screen sizes would be good in the portable games market.
  Yup, some people with jump the gun and forget to make sure they understand what they are saying.  Sorry Mr Spam, to late to duck the egg.
 Got a source about GE??  What about the 70% of other vendors??  I have a source and your information is bogus!!
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