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Amazing what someone can do in the bedroom these days and have it picked up and spread....
Are they allowed to award treble damages for willful infringement?  Or am I thinking of something else?
 I use https://duckduckgo.com/
 5 degree change or 180 degree change is a change...reasonably one could conclude we are talking about a smaller course correction rather than a 180 degree change.
 See below... "I'll be able to come back to the iPhone...""I just want a LARGER SCREEN.""Apple is wrong" The direction must be in terms of their comments.  So far they have not made a large enough screen to suit SirLance99. 
 I don't know...ask the person I responded to.
 Apple didn't do what you wanted so the insinuation is you had to go somewhere else.  Apple failed you?  "Apple is wrong"  Your comment, not mine  I never said "Apple failed" either, you just said they were wrong. I said "Apple failed you".  If Apple wants to make a larger screen size, they can.  When people  claim they are "wrong" for not having a larger size when they do just fine without one seems a bit odd.  Maybe I would like a bigger  sized screen but it hasn't...
 Is it just me or has Samsung spent its whole defense not saying we aren't guilty but trying to minimize the damage claim?  Their own testimony says "we are guilty but actually owe a smaller amount." Apple can charge $100 per patent per phone if it feels like it since they own the patents.  Samsung should fire its lawyers.
 I will be sure to let Tim Cook know that Apple has failed you and they need to change direction.
 There would no one left on the road except ME!!
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