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 That says it all.
Too bad they are unable to throw mud that high up.  It will all just drop back down in their face.
Also, Apple now has a 3 year period before all phones offered for sale will all be 64-bit.  OS7 is 64-bit on the 5S and I wonder when Android will be 64-bit?  Samsung????   Apple makes these changes to set themselves up for something down the road.  Nothing is by chance here.  That goes for the finger print scanner...presented as a side note almost but where will it be in a year or 2.  The operate on vision for the future not a flash today and gone tomorrow.
And that is the point in all these discussions.
Who says an app can't ask the phone to authenticate someone. Just because app's won't have access directly, does not mean it won't be used. What they stated is that nothing can access the fingerprint data itself which is great. Big deal if all you can do is purchase apps and unlock your phone. Apple undersells the feature and developers take it to realms unknown.
Hey, Motorola is a fully owned subsidiary of Google so you can't hold Google accountable for any action taken by Motorola!!!! /s
 Just license the back end tech from Roboform and plug it in.  Been using it for over 10 years and it works great.
 Just wait till developers get ahold of the Touch ID and start integrating its capabilities into their apps.
 The local outdoor amphitheater does not allow any drinks in then charges $6 for a bottle of water.
Yet they will sell millions and millions of these things and set new records.   I set a target that analysts will get it wrong again.  How about they investigate the holdings these companies have in Apple.  How nice to drive down the price in the week before it is released and buy cheap just to have it bounce back up when it sells "better than expected."
New Posts  All Forums: