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 It wasn't a solid rectangle to start with.  Could have been a mold in the same basic shape as the final product, then mill off the excess.
 Which all fall under the etc part.....hehe
Quote: Except an Apple announcement will nullify a Microsoft launch.  Or will this be Microsoft Fizzle 2? Apple and Nokia clash?  Since when has the interaction between my hand and a mosquito been considered a clash?
 Announced and launched are 2 different things.
 While thinking they could overshadow the Apple announcement/release....STILL delusional just like last year.  But last year was a bit of a surprise by Apple updating the iPad.
 OverrunDrown OutWipeoutEliminateBlow Awayetc
These people put 100 targets out there and if one is hit, they claim victory. How pathetic.
Quote:Quote:  Note the emphasis added to the original article.  They can all communicate even if WiFi is not available. (and again, always check local code for ANY product) 
 As if Apple needs the A7 to do that....hehe
The best part was the officer was following proper protocol and Boxer was ignorant of it.
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