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 You will note that a few others commented early in the thread to my post.  They provided intelligent responses with no need of arrogance or personal insults within their responses.  My comment was made to present an avenue for conversation.  To stoop to personal insults reveals more about yourself than me.
 So, Apple was also pushing the envelope for a "new method" and "ambitious manufacturing process" that just wasn't there yet?  Does that mean GTAT is not the sole perpetrator in the downfall?  Just adds another dimension to the tale....
 That was a key comment in the Apple response.  Would be different is it was 5 years old.
 I think he meant to imply that Apple will be earning profit over $400 million a week while GTAT is spending 4 years to pay back a similar amount.
Can't find it in the app store from my iPad but shows up in iTunes.  Strange...
 Just the fact that eventually, the hardware can't keep up with the OS.  Still, the 3GS has 3, 4, 5, and 6...much better than any Android ever had.  As for speed, I had no problems using it for a year with 6 on it, just wasn't as snappy as when it have iOS 3.
 You should have seen iOS 6 on my old 3GS....pain shows the need to go get a new device.
 Where is the Thumbs Down button ????
 Much more telling are the  numbers at this link.... https://www.flickr.com/cameras Interesting to note how Apple devices top the list followed by Canon and Nikon professional cameras.  Samsung comes in after that.
   Yes, but we would like it if people held their iPhones up to an iPad that is being used as a POS terminal....  Apple provides the NFC reader and whoever provides the software you can load on your iPad.
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