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 Changed to more appropriate language...
 http://bit.ly/1qyme99 Easy to fact check and I didn't find any bloggers comments that reflect your initial statements.
 Benjamin BannekrGeorge Washington CarverErnest Everett JustArchibald AlexanderDr. Charles Richard DrewEmmet ChappelleJames WestMae JemisonMarie Maynard DalyPatricia BathProf. Samuel Massieetc, etc, etc Thank Garrett Augustus Morgan for the traffic lightThank Patricia Bath for the Laserphaco Probe for treating cateracts While there may be few, there were quite a few that made significant contributions to society despite the obstacles they had to overcome.  Not disagreeing...
Or cheaper to ask for a re-examination by the USPTO.
Blackberry should have just licensed the tech to them...at least they would have a revenue stream into their flounderingness of a company.
 rumorsspeculationquestionable report Pretty much sums up the article and its contents.  Maybe stores were setup to see what information leaked so they could track down the leaks. As for me, iwatch and see what happens.
How about an in depth study of the turnover of phones and how long they are used once purchased.  My personal assumption would be a majority of iPhone's sold are still in use 4-5 years later verses Android "devices" that will not see that type of lifespan.  What % of those sold are still in use for the different brands...now that would be interesting.
 So...Apple has the capability to acquire large companies.  To include IBM in the above statement, since they purchased Beats, does that mean they will purchase IBM?  Will we then start to get Macframe's???? (yes, I know about www.macframes.com) Bet the company I work at has more iPhones in use than the above quoted numbers. Tim Cook to media/analysts ... slap slap slap
 I am old enough to have purchased a Sound Blaster V2 sound card in 1992 for $499.00
 Wait...isn't that metro??
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