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 Guess you will follow your own advice and go to jail for 20 years for a crime you did not commit.
 When it is pay per play, the shorter is worth more
 Would you rather get paid per play on 12 songs an hour or 20?
Overall, great PR as AppleMusic has been in the news almost constantly since announced.
So...is it...   $0.02 or $0.002   "0.2 cents" is a percentage of a penny.
 I think more to do with engineering and design.  Cars are not designed one month and start rolling off the line the next.  2 years may be the design lead time for new things making it into cars.
 How about..."Hey, I like that song" "click", thank you for purchasing that album.  Streaming is not the only way they make money.  They can have all the money they earn through sales off iTunes during that period so it is not the complete void it is made out to be.  Signing up is optional isn't it????
 I wonder if Apple said just that and the band goes out and says that Apple was going to pull it.  Maybe all Apple said was the band should pull it if Apple is so bad.
 Basic economics...
 4 free pints per day per resident and they will all say yes.  Cheaper than the alternatives.... HAHA
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