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 Maybe Android phones are tossed after use and on to the next one.  Maybe they break more often and get replaced which equals an activation. For sure that iPhones are passed down from user to user once someone upgrades.  It is time for me to upgrade and my daughter who will be a first time user would like my 3GS for calling and texting.  It still works and is a good phone after 3 1/2 years of use.
 What issue?
 Anything not made by Samsung??
 "Apple hobby" it could be.  The biometrics are what would make it stand out.  Blood pressure, blood sugar, O2 levels, etc and then there would be a larger market for it. I dropped wearing a watch in 2000 after my company gave me a pager and now with a cell phone, I can get the time when I need it.
 Which means the field is wide open for someone to do it right and fly out into the lead.  Apple seems to be good at that i.e. iPod, iPhone, iPad, whatever is next...
Gatorguy ??  Guess this can be a continuation of this thread   Google isn't liable because Motorola Mobility is their wholly owned subsidiary.  Nice how legal separation seems to absolve the parent company of responsibility.
So, did they report it to Apple or the press first?
 I bought one in 1987 and used it to store phone numbers.  Even used it to autodial the phone when calling my fiance using a Sprint FONE card then had it enter the code.
 Did you like the lackluster applause at the end?  He even had to ask for it.  That really sets the standard by which you could judge the event.
 And he said used the word "gorgeous" near the end.
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