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So...you are still buying one??
If the Apple Watch does not fit your taste, go try one of these pens...   http://www.amazon.com/Montegrappa-Special-Limited-Edition-Rollerball/dp/B00AAKDHQY/ref=pd_sim_sbs_misc_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0YANSN9N7PKV6A08F51Y
You watch...they will sell out in no time.  There are plenty of people who can afford it and will buy it.
 Would be nice to see if they will have the ability to replace the "guts" of the watch so you can upgrade to newer technology when released while keeping the older case. This could also remove the secondary market for used watches as the old guts are taken in trade.  More new watches sold going forward.
 That is my shot in the dark stock.  Cheap to buy and if it ever goes anywhere, retirement fund...hehe
And Abraham's should have started with FRAUD / FUD / LiES / etc, take your pick...
A little over 2 days profits....not bad   18,000,000,000 / 90 = 200,000,000
 He did put a /s at the end so maybe you might want to walk back those comments a bit.
 I save $120 per year since it is $10/month to add it to the plan.  I miss out on GPS though.
 I pair my iPad with my iphone all the time over BT.  As you say, it just works.  BT provides the network connection.
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