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 Bureaucracies (entities that spend other peoples money and don't produce it themselves as a result of their decisions) never get a budget correct.  So, what more do any of us expect anyway.  Everything is proceeding normally. Normally means, when they mess up, they blame someone else...it is never their fault.
HEY...I never accounted for that in my analysis.  Someone else can look at metal vs plastic and weight my conclusions accordingly.
 The mini compares with the 7.0" version of the HDX so the facts were stated correctly.
Late to the party aren't you.  I already covered that.  By the way, where are your figures to back that up or did you just read mine.
4 options on ATT (I use ATT so my point of reference):   Pay $129 additional for the device and pay for whatever data plan you want. Pay $129 additional for the device and add for $10/month to your shared data plan. Pay $129 less for the device, upgrade your phone data plan to included tethering, and tether to your phone when needed. Pay $129 less for the device and tether to your phone when needed on your data share plan.   I would pick #4 and save a boatload of...
My original post did use cubic inches and has been updated with more information. This isn't a physics exam, smile some.
 Except I messed them up....HAHA  Too many years since math class.  Am redoing the post as the HDX is actually lighter per square inch than the IPad.
Definitive proof that the Fire HDX IS "lighter" than Air   Apple Ipad 9.7" WiFi 16 gig - LOSER 9.4" x 6.6" x 0.29"  478 grams   Size:          17.9916 cubic inches Weight:       26.56795393405812 grams\cubic inch Weight:       0.0376393305439331 cubic inches\gram   Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" WiFi 16gig - LOSER 9.1" x 6.2" x 0.31"  374 grams   Size:          17.4902 cubic inches Weight:      21.38340327726384 grams\cubic inch Weight:      0.0467652406417112 cubic...
 No...Sensorgate (it's inclusive)
I believe you have just coined a new legal term!!! You heard it first, here, on AppleInsider. edit: then we use Google and it goes back to 2012...oh well. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Samsunged
New Posts  All Forums: