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Finally...Multitasking with split screen.
Renaming Passbook to Wallet lands in the realm of copying Google.  Doesn't seem a good move to me. (one mans opinion)
2 cats by the scruff of the neck and "axe" the goat.  PETA will be knocking soon....  HAHA
When only the best will do...
 Disposable covers just like many medical instruments use....
 Many people whine...my comments concerned your whining here in the forum.  I said to just present it in a professional manner, diplomatic manner, non whining manner, etc.
 It would be great if they increased it and I would like to see them do it.  There is a way to present an argument is a diplomatic manner and not just come off as whining about it. As for running a business, I don't so no experience.  As for Apple, obviously someone is doing something right over there so I leave it to them.  They may not be the first to, in this case,  increase storage but they eventually come out with a good product that most people like.  See what...
 You have told everyone about how you are an Apple investor a trillion times now.  Give it a rest please. Out of space on iCloud, upgrade or shut up.  It is a very simple process. Email tcook@apple.com and tell him.
 That is a valid thought.  Instead of per icloud account, make it per paid for idevice...  Would introduce a few logistic issues but am source they could overcome that.
 99 Cents times how many hundred million?  4 times the allotted storage in data centers for basic backup allotment.  I think it would be nice for them to upgrade the space and agree on that point, just not the entitlement attitude presented in your posts.  It is the classic class warfare issue.  Someone has more than me and I demand some of it for nothing. Present the argument without the whining and class warfare aspect and it would be more palatable.
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