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Quote: And how about BMW-gate because I can't take it out 4-wheeling, which I consider "normal usage", without sustaining massage damage.
 Lack of rollers in the CR's test allow the phone to slip on the left side.  They are not the same and "virtually" does not make it so. My 9 year old can stand on the phone and it won't break.  The break pressures exhibited most likely do not reflect normal usage.
 Nothing personal but you didn't even respond to what I wrote....If you want to try again, go for it.  Originally Posted by NelsonX  This is one of the most biased web sites on the Internet. It's not even a normal Apple fan site. The vast majority of those who post here are Apple shareholders... ...pretending to be normal Apple users. They don't really care if it bends or not,... ...if it has only 1Gb of RAM,... ...or anything else. Their only goal here is how to spin...
 The points in your comment are broken out individually.  Please site proof of each and the source of your facts.
 Interesting though...the glass did not break and the iPhone still works (I assume).  What happens to a Samsung if bent like that?  Will glass be intact and will it still operate?  Interesting test to be done in a controlled environment.  Obviously as you note, the test was biased.
 Since you do understand, your post made no sense then.  TC would get the blame (accountability) and he in turn would look within his company and find who is responsible. (I am sure they already know by now)
 Good thing I was actually working at work so didn't jump on the update.  So, who was at work and not working upgrading their phone and got in a mess????    /s
 You don't know the difference between responsibility and accountability....basic concept for those who have served in the military, society in general does not understand it.
 Get them in a lab and measure the stress to bend each under controlled conditions....
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