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emphasis added... Shipments                    YESProfits                           NOUse                               NOLoyalty                          NOLong Term Support         NO
 Makes them feel self important.  Time capsules should be opened by people who were not even alive when the thing was buried.  100+ years is a good time frame.
 3 keys words from the article...and 2 more from the title... "sketchy rumor""claims"
 He may have pulled in, that just means no new users.  He may still make boatloads off the existing user base.
 Key takeaways from the article. Let me structure it better... "A questionable report out of Korea suggests the report should be taken with a grain of salt, however the paper also cites anonymous sources."
  That is what was stated in the article...
Just put a sticker over the logo that says   CENSORED by Samsung
 People that actually pay for the phone themselves (on or off contract) don't do that generally.
 Xandros bought them out then discontinued it a short time later.  Microsoft came to an agreement for a sum of money and the Lindows trademark was transferred to Microsoft and Lindows rebranded to Linspire. The Click'N'Run environment Michael Robertson created was a great idea and was supposed to be released for other Linux distributions, but haven't seen it anywhere.  Real shame.  It remembered what you had previously installed, had free and paid applications (and a...
 Justify thyself!!    Can't be worse than Blotto's "I Wanna be a Lifeguard"
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