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  They want you to use it as a Debit Card so there is no fees on their end.  They got called out a few years ago for refusing credit if the MC was a MC Debit.  The terms of MC says they must accept as credit if user wants to do it that way.  With Applepay, it will be straight credit and they don't have the option to push the user into a debit transaction vs a credit transaction.  My opinion on one possible reason.
 Some Mistakes can be Pathetic.    Bet they wish it was as you initially stated though.
 PM = Prime MinisterMP = Member of Parliament  
 Like touch id it may have been put out there to get the bugs worked out so now it can be used for its intended purpose all along.
 I don't think Apple is "adding" Discover, I think Discover wants in.  If this goes as big as it could, they don't want to be left out in the cold. At the start, Apple asks people to get involved, eventually all they have to do is open the door and see who is knocking.
 You mean there are people who would actually qualify if they did??
 Maybe I should move back.....
 Or just watch it later that evening from comport of your own home....but then again, who could wait? :)
 5.5" iME2
5.5" iPhoid
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