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Can't find it in the app store from my iPad but shows up in iTunes.  Strange...
 Just the fact that eventually, the hardware can't keep up with the OS.  Still, the 3GS has 3, 4, 5, and 6...much better than any Android ever had.  As for speed, I had no problems using it for a year with 6 on it, just wasn't as snappy as when it have iOS 3.
 You should have seen iOS 6 on my old 3GS....pain shows the need to go get a new device.
 Where is the Thumbs Down button ????
 Much more telling are the  numbers at this link.... https://www.flickr.com/cameras Interesting to note how Apple devices top the list followed by Canon and Nikon professional cameras.  Samsung comes in after that.
   Yes, but we would like it if people held their iPhones up to an iPad that is being used as a POS terminal....  Apple provides the NFC reader and whoever provides the software you can load on your iPad.
  Your answer was in the article as highlighted above.
 Maybe next year when they become the bank.....
He mentioned specifically ApplePay wouldn't work for Point of Sale, just web purchases.  Seems that would be a good business to dominate with ApplePay rolling out.  Wonder if NFC readers will be made available that POS systems based on the iPad can take advantage of.
Take all the upgrades and it hits $3,543.00  
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