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my personal opinion and they still fall out of my ears. When I got my first iPhone (3GS( in 2010, I used the ear buds from my old Zune.  Sounded great, didn't fall out, and the best feature was the small amount the protruded from the jack.
I'll be happy if they scrap their existing ear buds and replace them with something that does not fall out of my ears all the time.  My $10 Sony's sound better than Apples ear buds.
And a good idea...why license rights for many years and be left with the company doing nothing with it.  My thought is Apple does have plans for it because to have the rights just for a SIM ejector tool is silly.
They keep shooting in the same place in hopes that one day the target will cross their path and they can claim victory.
Political comments should be expected since the article is based on political issues.
 It was just a thought.  Maybe that only pertained to magazines and newspapers within Newsstand.
It appears that this opens up the possibility for developers to sell credits on their website for redemption in app thus bypassing the 30% usury fee to Apple.
 But only if it makes the sounds from the app while scanning!!
Amazing what someone can do in the bedroom these days and have it picked up and spread....
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