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  The idea of anonymous giving is to not draw attention to oneself.  The Bible says to give in secret and you will be rewarded openly.  I do believe he was rewarded with a very successful company so he had more money to give away. (just discussing principles as I know he was not a follower of the Bible but Buddhism)   I would agree with you for special things where celebrity's can challenge each other to give for things like Sandy relief or Oklahoma relief but anonymous...
  You don't have to shout....
  Then SHUT UP and act professional !!!!!  Seems everyone wants to grandstand these days.
  I do believe he is a troll.  The highlighted comment is straight from TS's rules of a troll.  Somehow his comments are OK as he too has an iphone.
  Money in the hands of individuals to spend in the market place is far more powerful than in the hands of Washington.   Sequestration is a politically exploited event.  Wasn't it President Obama's idea in the first place?? (it was, just to answer the question)
  Maybe enough people switched to the shared data plan, self included, where it won't hurt so much letting unlimited data users have access.
  And just who do you think pays those corporate taxes in the end????  Individuals pay ALL the taxes in this country as the tax burden is considered a cost of doing business and is reflected at the cash register.
  Look again...Gameloft products are FULL of them.  I liked the Golf series but Let's Golf 3 is FULL of IAP's and version 2 is gone from the app store.  I used to have a local copy but that mysteriously disappeared from my itunes app cache.   Real Racing 3 is another one that was ruined by IAP's so back to Real Racing 2 as version 3 is unplayable.   Just my opinion...
  They are free because they rely on in app purchases like so many other games.  I prefer charge upfront and let me play all I want without all the in app purchase garbage.
Where is the reference photo?     Update: http://campl.us/posts/6iPhoneCameras
New Posts  All Forums: