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How dare you insinuate such an outrageous insult !!  /s
  Kind of like when there were many phones on the market and "Even a couple of Samsung" phones.  Apple entered the market and changed everything.  Apple may or may not enter this market, but if they did, it would change the whole market for that type of watch.
  So, the 11 others didn't get you anywhere, so, lets continue our fishing expedition.
  Looking at the $$$ rolling into Apple and the unprecedented profits piling up, this is a great time to buy Apple for the long term.  Let it get cheaper so you can buy more shares!!   You did leave out the /s tag perhaps or that was the dumbest thing I have ever seen stated on this forum...
  Perfect for spies as no one will take them seriously....
  "iPad nano"
As I sit here with my brand new iPad bought for use on our factory shop floor....  
  And normal procedure is to provide a link.
Microsoft can only dream of this kind of free publicity...
Your comments validate my costs. 4 iPhones, 6 gig data share, at around $260/month.Seems the survey, or at least the article summarizing the survey didn't account for multiline plans. As far as I see it is irrelevant what phone you have, the billed usage fees are the same no matter what smart phone you buy.
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