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I would like to be able to buy an app that is over 50 meg and have the download take place later.  As for the music, how can you even see it to buy it if you aren't connected to the store already?  
Trillion ?? Well, Samsung only wishes it was in $$$'s.
And where in the world did he ever come up with the term "POD" to add to his product name???? Sounds more like he wanted to hang onto the coattails of Apples success.Curiosity...a search of your website shows no hits for hearpod, hearpods, earpod, or earpods. If he is a "colleague", why no articles concerning them?
  As for nissan.com , that is an interesting story.  Mr. Nissan has traded under his name since the 70's.  Datsun changed their name to Nissan long after he was using it in business and Mr Nissan bought the domain first.  Nissan, the car company, had a hissy fit but still lost.  Power to Mr Nissan !!!!   For more reading.... http://www.digest.com/Big_Story.php   For mikerowesoft.com reading... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_vs._MikeRoweSoft
  Come here often??  Oh, this was your first post and you went stright into the ______ !!!!   Sit back and relax awhile then try again.
  Link??  We don't need no stinkin' link to backup claims !!!!  /s
  True...everyone needs to compare and get the best solution for their needs.  What works in my area might not work for others.
  Straight Talk uses ATT towers and iPhone 5 can be purchased then just monthly unlimited, cancel anytime.  In my area ATT provides great service.
Apple Notebooks are still the highest resolution "notebooks" on the market.  The "Chromebook" is just a web browser with a monitor attached.  It's like saying a Tonka Toy is a serious competitor for a construction site.  
How dare you insinuate such an outrageous insult !!  /s
New Posts  All Forums: