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 As if Apple needs the A7 to do that....hehe
The best part was the officer was following proper protocol and Boxer was ignorant of it.
This appears to be a known issue because out IT team that handles iPhones security sent an email about the need to update the security profiles prior to iOS7 installation.  I am not aware of everything that went on or why but they knew it would need to be done.
They could have lifted the injunction once they purchased Motorola.  Since they didn't, they own it.
 7.0.0  Gold Master7.0.1  5S and 5C to update from pre-release of Gold Master7.0.2  We all got a week ago or so to fix lock screen7.0.3  Next minor update fix iMessage and other small items
 Where is the country "Indian"??
Is the furnace running??  I feel a lot of hot air blowing.
 These are more like RT 1.5 and Pro 1.5
Maybe some of you heard of this press conference but this is the first I had heard of it.   As has already been mentioned.... "crickets"
  Best part of the whole article...(emphasis added )
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