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There is a large number of independent ATT stores.  Guess who did not have iPhones for a very long time...
  Tabbing in iOS - You mean the cover flow like method of changing pages?   The same type of cover flow that Apple has already been using for years? Or switching apps that works just like the current version of Safari?   Android gaming device - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad...all portable gaming devices.
This is all a setup...   Samsung is soon to announce their new dual port offerings on new phones.  
  And reading the comments in context, that is what was implied.  I saw the context and understood the meaning.
  Emphasis added... HAHAHAHA
The lack of processor means...direct connection to your brain!!!!  
  So it doesn't get thrown out of court.  They collect the alleged evidence then get permission after the fact.
  Remember, iMessage is encrypted both directions.   Facebook is a gold mine for personal data...that thing is just one big DUH.
  Samsung numbers are based on # of units in the retail chain whether sold to an end user or not.  Apple numbers are based on a consumer actually buying the device and using it.  There is a BIG difference between the 2.
  Note is original post with the "/s" tag.   And now note how it was edited in your post WITHOUT the "/s" tag.
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