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 Candy Crush is making too much money right now so we will have to let it slide for a few more weeks....  /s Once fully implemented, will be interesting what happens to the IAP cash stream for companies.  Is the gravy train about to come to a halt?
  My first thought was, why would someone install and app from the government on their phone? In the comments above....since when do we even start to believe a government agency.
Time to get ready to make a custom stamp pen...
 Are you sure you addressed what they actually said? They mentioned actual voicemails not the recents.
 Isn't that on the Recents tab?
 More profits to drive the stock down?? HAHA
 No...this ability is already built into iOS7.  It MUST have the username and password for the iTunes account that it was initially set up under no matter where it winds up in the world in order to wipe it and set it back up.
Or starts taking pictures and sending them somewhere.  Automatically connects to unsecured WiFi if needed to make transmissions.  Tracking info sent as well.  Get audio recordings and send them too..... A cool "911" pin would be nice though.
 Apple already provides the function in question on iPhones.  So, make a more valid observation as your argument is baseless. Your last comment, in bold above, is baseless and a joke.
emphasis added... Shipments                    YESProfits                           NOUse                               NOLoyalty                          NOLong Term Support         NO
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