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 My religion does not teach that so please do not include "religion" generically.  And we don't kill people when our religion is ridiculed, which happens all the time.  The violent outbreaks, for the most part, do have a common denominator.
   2.1%   "A figure that has been 'flat-lining' for some time" (source below) http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2384995/android-50-lollipop-is-installed-on-21-percent-of-devices SuckerGate ??"ANDROID LOLLIPOP: WHY SO MANY BUGS?""A short-lived enthusiasm …""but more important bugs appeared later .""And no … it’s still not finished and worse , the latest bugs are much more troublesome."http://androidphonehub.com/news-2/android-lollipop-why-so-many-bugs/
 Smart move but my be a result of having been under their umbrella for awhile.
I put iOS 6 on my 3GS.  It was still useable....
 It's all in the wording....
 Yup, OS was installed plus there was a recovery partition to restore the system.
More like $550 million in revenue according to http://www.nycticketfighter.com/ and that doesn't include dismissed tickets from the 10 million figure.
Bankruptcy can cancel a union contract so why not theirs??
 I am interested in Windows....I get paid to fix it.
 Remember, no one commenting on this board is older than that barn....the barn wins.
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