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  I don't think anyone foresaw what was about to happen when the iPhone hit the market.  It was moving in that direction but Apple attached it to a rocket.
  No kidding...everything changes over time so next month we will have something new.   The music industry was dragged kicking and screaming into the future (for the most part) and so will the telecoms, just need a disruptive force to enter the market for service in the same way Apple changed how carriers controlled handsets.
  HAHA, that was the number I thought of to post.  All M$ employees I bet.... /s
  Yeah, they become a maker of cheap items. They are in the luxury market and do quite well.  As stated previously, they already have tiered products that are very capable.  The 4S will be a nice phone at the $.99 price point on contract after the next iPhone is introduced and will run iOS7.
Don't they already have a range of products?   High - iPhone 5 - $199+ Mid - iPhone 4S - $99 Low - iPhone 4 - $.99   I know that is with contract but my assumption is that most people, at least in the US, get them on contract.  They can always keep the iPhone 4 to sell off contract overseas for budget minded people.  Why make an inferior model to appease analysts?
  And yet one of the articles says that the context of the conversation "implied" the 50%, thus my "partly" comment.  It wasn't direct, it was implied.
  Please read comments in context.  That is why I said "partly" true to the other poster.  The 50% is an implied statement from Cook, and that was the point of my comment.
  Partly true...   http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tim+cook+50%25+iphone+sales+through+retail
Samsung will ship 6 million. Analysts will declare Samsung sold 6 million. Retailers will warehouse 6 million. Retailers will return 6 million. Analysts will declare Apple is DOOMED!!!!
Will there be a spike in downloads for the GameChanger App??  Would be interesting to see the numbers.  
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