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Where is the reference photo?     Update: http://campl.us/posts/6iPhoneCameras
    What isn't wrong about your statement?  
  Does not compute....Does not compute....   So, let me get this straight, $99 is the cost of the low end phones and $100 is the cost oh the high end/flagship phones.
This sounds more like a paid advertisement....  
Other phone makers would give anything to have this kind of leverage to dictate terms to a carrier.  Apple has it, they want it, there is money to be made, here are the terms.  
No video, didn't happen....   Update: And now...the video appears....
Seems any alleged offense would have taken place in Cupertino so the Texas court system should not be the proper venue.  Apple could counter sue in a different court and claim venue then move the other case to a local court.  
  Really????  You been in hiding since then??
I paid more that $5 to listen to you in the 80's.......and have the video to prove it. 
"Can I have a new iPhone?"
New Posts  All Forums: