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What is the margin of error?  For the most part, the top companies are statistically even.  
Third party apps will need to be written.  Maybe they are in talks with Microsoft for a lead on all the developers anxious to develop for their new platform.  /s  
An Apple a day...
One tablet (basically) against 100 others.  The odds are fair I am sure.  Wonder how many $70 and below tablets (basically useless devices) are in the other category?  
  Microsoft? Samsung?   /s
  You mean the $70 junk off EBay direct from China??   Take those out of the equation and where do they stand?  Samsung sells Win8 tablets too, how does that figure into their share?
They just want to deliver the entire package.  Another move to copy Apple....  
  That is not quite how it happened.  Be serious.
Apple just "is" Google needs to constantly call attention to itself. (can throw Samsung in this category as well)   Apple was after 1% of the market (humble) and exceeded it. Google said "Do No Evil" and became that which they condemned.   Those that are have been truly great down through history never saw themselves that way and just went on to accomplish many great things.  Contrast that to those that need to constantly yell "Look at me!!"
Corrected headline:   Apple takes 53% of smartphone profits, Samsung at 47%, remainder lose money   If they can make up numbers, so can I.
New Posts  All Forums: