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 I used to think 100 years was a long time but then on my wedding night stayed in a hotel that dates from the 1300's in England. http://www.roseandcrowncolchester.co.uk/
 Too busy with the self driving car. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2014/12/22/google-self-driving-car-prototype/20768935/ "The next big thing"   /s - or who knows in the years to come...
Quote: You jumped in with Post 69 as a reply to Post 16...you have never been able to substantiate your statement.  That statement is what lead to many posts back and forth with people.  So as you posted below, maybe you can provide a source...  You seem to be all hung up about how the US market works.  Your whole discussion has been a moving target as evidenced by the content of your numerous posts.  Are personal insults of any value in a conversation?  Leave them at...
 What is the point you want to win? The iPhone was a smart phone out of the gate and has continued to define it since.  Most people here would agree with that statement.
Not the first time the BBC Panorama did a hit piece.  Would like someone to do a hit piece on their practices. (that goes for all media organizations)  Then they will cry and complain it wasn't fair.  Fair is always determined by who is doing the reporting.
 And the discussion is based around the launch of the original iPhone, which started in the USA and spread outward over time.  It has continually defined the market from day one even though someones corner wasn't affected from day one.
Ahh "enter your own here..."  So, they locked them to ATT out of the gate (nothing unusual back then) but that eventually changed in the market as a whole.  Changed just like a whole host of things have changed in the last 7 1/2 years.  When analyzing these things, we have to remember what the general state of the market was then and many of those things have changed since that time.  When....??  After Apple introduced the iPhone.
 Not even sure how that fits in or what point you are making.  Kinda like changing the subject.  Just stick to the thoughts presented instead of injecting an irrelevant issue.
 THERE it is....it's all about RIM !!!!
 You have too many comments to comment on...can you still breath? /s Apple laid down a platform to redefine an entire market and continued to build upon it year after year.  User installable apps were baked in from the start although not available to the end user until the following year.  They got the phone out there to see how it was received and most likely to make sure any bugs were worked out then they opened the platform to 3rd party developers.  Look at last years...
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