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  $799 - $499 = $299 and NOT $399   To your point it is $100 more for an additional 64 GB of memory....$699 for 64 GB model plus $100 for additional 64 GB = $799.
  They are charging $100 for 64Gig of flash.  Since 16 to 32 is $100, the cost of flash drops 50% for each increment past that.
  I can see larger capacity a bonus for field service engineers in order to have on hand advanced and interactive repair manuals that have step by step videos on tap.  For factory floor use, 16 gig is too much for data collection and/or QA work.  Executive/Manager toys...that is a different story.
  Bet people still buy TV's yet, companies make a model, do a run of a certain amount, then move on to the next model.  There seems to be a better one weekly yet, still people buy them.  Are they dumb for doing so?   How about the better computer just a few days away??
  At our hospitals the X-Rays are digital so do not need to be viewed in low light conditions.  Low light is needed to be able to see physical film.
Snooze you loose....  
Its my data And I'll use as I want to Use as I want to Use as I want to You would use too since you pay for it too....  
Considered the source....moved on.  
  Can you explain this??  They are still going to hold them responsible.  We are discussing SEP properties licensed under FRAND here.     Like Samsung?  They are guilty for both abusing FRAND patents and lifting intellectual property rights of others.     Professional credentials aren't needed in this forum, but being an Architect, bet it would make you mad if I copied to look of one of your projects just like Samsung did to Apple.  But, the article is about intellectual...
    Yup...they were $49.99 instead of $23.99.  It is my money and I save what I can. :)
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