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 Xandros bought them out then discontinued it a short time later.  Microsoft came to an agreement for a sum of money and the Lindows trademark was transferred to Microsoft and Lindows rebranded to Linspire. The Click'N'Run environment Michael Robertson created was a great idea and was supposed to be released for other Linux distributions, but haven't seen it anywhere.  Real shame.  It remembered what you had previously installed, had free and paid applications (and a...
 Justify thyself!!    Can't be worse than Blotto's "I Wanna be a Lifeguard"
 You must be able to find previous computer games that used "saga", no? http://www.amazon.com/Panzer-Dragoon-Saga-Sega-Saturn/dp/B000FT61OUhttp://www.amazon.com/Unlimited-Saga-PlayStation-2/dp/B00009ETL0 What do these folk have to say about "candy" trademarks??www.candystand.com or here....http://coolmath-games.com/0-oh-my-candy/index.html just search Google your self for "candy games" and see all the hits.
 One of the top ten worst songs ever...
 You mean like the $49 my son paid and got a $75 Walmart card on Black Friday??  Or the $49 I paid for my mothers and got a $49 Target card just before Christmas??
Now, if they would look into which of them sold a bunch of Apple stock last week and are buying again today, we can do away with a few analysts and their pump and dump strategies.
 How nice, in order to make the introduction transparent, they will Call it Galaxy Glass to avoid confusion with Google Glass. /s They sure aren't original are they.
"Was" the most respected but we don't talk politics here....
  Overall I like the app and will be using it.  Massive improvement over the last version too.  It is great and will only get better, if it is continually improved.
That was fast is all I can say. No arguing the point just BAM, granted.
New Posts  All Forums: