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  Uh, yeah, right.  Yet is is GE who pays nothing and their CEO is the Presidents "Jobs Czar."  Nothing to see here...move along.
  That is the Anki Special Edition model....
  Shooting Stars...makes a nice display but is burnt up and gone and soon forgotten.
  If you look inside it is full of Galaxy's...
  Your brain is asleep....
Troll Ahoy !!  Here they come !!  
  Yup, you have one thing right....
  Let me see, I cut and paste information to send to different people especially if I have the same thing to say to each.  Nothing odd there in the corporate world.   So what if he calls 3 publishers back to back !!!!  His goal for the day was talking to different companies to try and get a contract for their products.  If they were all on a conference call one could conclude collusion but one after the other??
  Now THAT is a contradiction.
Power Tools in the hands of babes does not make them master craftsman.  
New Posts  All Forums: