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 Or just watch it later that evening from comport of your own home....but then again, who could wait? :)
 5.5" iME2
5.5" iPhoid
4"      iPhone Tall4.7"   iPhone Grande5.5"   iPhone Venti edit: RonMG by 4 seconds!!!!!!!!
 An area that will get addressed soon and once in the hands of elected officials, watch out.
 Changed to more appropriate language...
 http://bit.ly/1qyme99 Easy to fact check and I didn't find any bloggers comments that reflect your initial statements.
 Benjamin BannekrGeorge Washington CarverErnest Everett JustArchibald AlexanderDr. Charles Richard DrewEmmet ChappelleJames WestMae JemisonMarie Maynard DalyPatricia BathProf. Samuel Massieetc, etc, etc Thank Garrett Augustus Morgan for the traffic lightThank Patricia Bath for the Laserphaco Probe for treating cateracts While there may be few, there were quite a few that made significant contributions to society despite the obstacles they had to overcome.  Not disagreeing...
Or cheaper to ask for a re-examination by the USPTO.
Blackberry should have just licensed the tech to them...at least they would have a revenue stream into their flounderingness of a company.
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