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 THERE it is....it's all about RIM !!!!
 You have too many comments to comment on...can you still breath? /s Apple laid down a platform to redefine an entire market and continued to build upon it year after year.  User installable apps were baked in from the start although not available to the end user until the following year.  They got the phone out there to see how it was received and most likely to make sure any bugs were worked out then they opened the platform to 3rd party developers.  Look at last years...
 They redefined the market and continue to do so as time goes on.  Have to start somewhere.
You are correct...how many here would spend $1,000 for a pen?  How about $5,000?  $100,000?  They exist and people buy them all the time.  I have a pen valued at about $700.  Applewatch won't affect the high end market but will make an impact in the mid range and up to a certain level.
 You must use their pump but it is free to anyone who wants one. iTunes was free and always has been. Thought to DMCA made it illegal to reverse engineer the DRM anyway...  There are plenty of people that became irrelevant over the last number of years.  Video stores with the advent of Netflix.  Netflix saw the next shift coming and adapted for streaming movies.  If they hadn't, they would be gone now. (Who is REAL anyway??  /s)
 I think amateurs will take more "risk" on a stock.  A fund manager does that and a whole bunch of people will rain down the hate.  Of course, if the manager was right, they would be considered a genius and visionary.  There is no real winning for them. There are some people on here I would more trust with my 401K than the company that currently holds it.  Would be worth a lot more right now for sure.
Great ad and just showing normal usage for a device.  No bells or whistles needed.   I am good with Holiday since it comes from the old English work hāligdæg which means Holy Day.
 Apple buyout and fully integrated into iOS....
Bad acting not covered over my massive amounts of CGI??
iHeartRadio TuneIn Radio Spoyify Pandora   There is choice...
New Posts  All Forums: