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 Did you like the lackluster applause at the end?  He even had to ask for it.  That really sets the standard by which you could judge the event.
 And he said used the word "gorgeous" near the end.
 People have yet to actually spend money on them.  We can revisit this in a couple months and see how it worked out.  Not everything that has a launch event goes anywhere. Hey Microsoft...how is that Surface going??
 Google takes the financial hit if something happens.
It has been done before on smart phones (Motorola ATRIX) so nothing new whether Samsung or Apple does it.  It all comes down to implementation  and where it will take you in the future.  Samsung is all show and Apple does things to do then right and make them useful long term. You won't be surprised about Samsung's hype, that is for sure.
 Google now owns Motorola Mobility, if Apple sues it will be against MM, Google being the parent company does not get to divest itself from liability.  I also didn't say Apple could sue Google, if you refer back to my words, but ultimately, they are liable.
So, is Google now in a position where Apple can file suit for wrongful injunction?  How will the Fandroids react to this one??
Like my earlier comment seen above??
  Best thing they could do is get Chrome on chromebooks, tablets, phones, and their new Chrome TV thing and don't give it away.  What other choice do they have?  At that point, if they can get enough users, they will have the eyeballs for their ad network.
New Posts  All Forums: