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Apple just "is" Google needs to constantly call attention to itself. (can throw Samsung in this category as well)   Apple was after 1% of the market (humble) and exceeded it. Google said "Do No Evil" and became that which they condemned.   Those that are have been truly great down through history never saw themselves that way and just went on to accomplish many great things.  Contrast that to those that need to constantly yell "Look at me!!"
Corrected headline:   Apple takes 53% of smartphone profits, Samsung at 47%, remainder lose money   If they can make up numbers, so can I.
By some peoples logic, if I install some trial software on my laptop then click a link inside the app to pay for it, Microsoft should get 30% or some percentage. Yeah, right.   Also, the 30% only applies to digital goods.  Apple takes no cut from purchasing physicals good through an app.  
  Any evidence it was "growing" after the iMac was released?  Don't remember peripheral manufacturers scrambling to support it until is was becoming widely available on PC's late 2000 and beyond.
  Retail vs wholesale....
    As I mentioned previously, to end all disagreements, when something is declared standards essential, the fee and its trigger point should be declared.  Makes the whole licensing system "Fair and Reasonable" and no one can argue about the cost.
  Apple pushed USB??  Sorry, USB was around and growing in the PC arena and Apple was pushing Firewire.  They eventually came over to USB because that was dominating the market. Remember, the iPod launched Firewire only.   Thunderbolt?  Apple bought the rights so they could have exclusivity blocking others from using it until 2012.   Touchscreens?  Apple made them easy to use and mainstreamed them in phones, that part is right.
  Yeah, AFTER Apple released their products, everyone else followed along.
Easy to fix the whole mess.  When something is licensed under FRAND, it should be decided up front the royalty fee and trigger point where the royalty is due.  No more arguing after that.  
  No...you sue the beer company.   Back in the 80's, VHS videos were $60-$70.  They started putting them in vending machines and drunks were buying a bunch of them while plastered then complaining the next day because they bought a few hundred dollars worth of videos.
New Posts  All Forums: