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 I save $120 per year since it is $10/month to add it to the plan.  I miss out on GPS though.
 I pair my iPad with my iphone all the time over BT.  As you say, it just works.  BT provides the network connection.
Corrected headline...   Banks 'scrambling' to combat fraud because they failed to use the security features Apple implemented to ensure a high level of security
 I assumed local to where their phone was currently located...
 Sounds like the iPad launch... http://www.phonearena.com/news/Exactly-how-well-is-the-new-iPad-selling_id28920http://thenextweb.com/apple/2010/04/01/neat-complete-list-positives-negatives-ipad-handson-reviews/ Just a couple citations for a little background.  Let's see where the AppleWatch sits in a few years time.
 Get ready for... RolloverGateCrashGateCrash_and_Burn_GateI_Lost_My_Keys_GateDWIGate (but officer, it drives itself...)TailGate ????AntennaGate ???? (you're not driving it right)iSkid but it will have iTractionControlBendGate (honest, I didn't see the bend in the road)... Police will issue tickets via AirDrop
The camels nose is now in the tent...
Quote: Patron:  I will have a Dirty BromwichServer:  Here ya go.Patron:  Thanks 10 minutes later... Patron:  Hey!! This Dirty Bromwich tastes like crap and leaves a really bad after taste!!Server:  Glad you enjoyed it, we worked hard to get it just right.
 That is what I don't get...if you need to hire someone to help you do your job for a customer, that comes out of your pocket, not theirs.
It adds a nice touch to the mini...
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