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 That part I can agree with...
 That is just for repatriating the money back into the US and the taxes due at that time.  The article is about taxes in the countries the products are sold. And as for who "pays" the taxes?  The customer always pays the taxes.  If a companies tax burden increases, the cost of the product goes up to offset it.  Basic economics.
I doubt they review anything, most likely just promote.
 You really have to ask??
 "Fair share" is what they are currently paying.  They follow the laws that the government made then the government gets mad when they do. I don't see the elites in society paying extra in taxes, they will structure their money in such a way to minimize the tax they have to pay. Nothing wrong or unpatriotic to follow the laws and minimize the tax you pay.  Individual or Corporation (who gets the money from the customer anyway).
Guess the cots were rolled into the software development office...   Let us look at what is available at launch to make a judgment of the product.  Prerelease isn't a good indicator of the final product. 17566
For the curious, this is the complete list...   Apple Pay participating issuers 5600 https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT6288 5598
Would be nice to have them delivered for employee use the day before so that launch day, they will all be wearing them.
MacPad Air - All the power of a MacBook Air and portability of an iPad...   My thoughts on slower sales is just people do not upgrade these as often.  A better question is to see how many are still in use in the field.  Compare that to other brands and I think a better picture will emerge.
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