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Somehow I don't think 22GB is "unlimited" either...
 You joined just to post this?  Proof please...
 I think the big difference is that someone like Apple makes the entire experience, hardware and software.  Microsoft was essentially licensing software to other companies to use but locking that "device" into their "ecosystem" so to speak.  If Microsoft had their own hardware at the time they did that, there most likely would not have been a problem on their equipment, just if they did it to others.
 Thought about providing a list with how much space all those apps take up individually?  Is it such a big issue? The camp seems split on this one.
Quote: Your are still financially on the hook for the 2nd year of your existing contract.  Guess you could add a second line and move the existing phone to that.  Carrier will charge fees I am sure.
Your kidding, their income will collapse and their stock will skyrocket... /s
Most likely to prevent scalpers sending them overseas.
Will it charge off my iPhone?
 HAHA...the pens diameter appeared to be more than the iPad Pro thickness anyway.
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