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 Yeah, upgrading my wife's phone would add around $30-$35/month to my phone bill to pay for the subsidy part that we don't pay now.
 With the new technology for calls over WiFi, things should get better.  I am all for a lot more towers because 20 years from now, they will all be torn down due to progress in technology.
 And one day you can be an old person that does care.
 Time Warner delivers to the house 200 feet down the road from me but say I am "out of their franchise area."  Wow, great choice and after paying them since November 1997 at my old house this is how they treat you.  I would say he was correct because I don't have an choice now for access beyond low end DSL.
 Right there is where they can decide to favor one site over the other.
Yes...but I know you are supposed to use /s.  The difference between having a /s and not is the difference between sarcasm and troll.
It is cool to be first but sometimes, wait a couple months and let any bugs work themselves out, then get it.   Also, over the Christmas season, many resellers offer great deals of $70 or more off so you also get to save money.
 Direct rebuttal using facts.http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/07/27/samsung-has-not-dethroned-apple-in-mobile-profits Feel free to follow the linked sources in the below article and investigate further for yourself.http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/03/apple-inc-ipad-is-obliterating-samsung-googles-android-in-tablet-profits And now, welcome to the Samsung of 2014 as it plunges into the abyss.  Do follow the linked sources in the...
 Yes...those periods and slashes are very important...
Quote:YES I DID!!!! In the spring, ATT had a promotion and grandfathered people into a family sharing plan.  I went from 5 phones at $330/month down to $215/month.  The bonus was that it was when they were breaking up the payments so you paid separately for the subsidy.  I no longer was paying subsidies on 4 phones that had been upgraded the previous fall and the other iPhone 5 from the Christmas before.  Not sure why they did it, but I accepted it when it was offered and...
New Posts  All Forums: