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If you remember, the launch had people sit down and load an ipod with music.  The attendees were handed a stack of 100 cd's when they left which was the music they just loaded in the ipods.  From day one you could load non itunes music....
 The biggest problem here is speaking in court with a 2014/2015 view of digital music and not the 2004 version.  The whole digital music business was very young and labels were hyper-paranoid.  They should go sue the labels who demanded the DRM to start with. Ebook business Apple is sued for the contracts they set up with publishersDigital Music they get sued for following the terms of contracts the labels made with them. Apple should counter sue everyone involved with the...
 When you consider Walmart, think of Walmart of yesteryears.  First time I walked into one int he mid 80's, there were American flags everywhere and Made in America labels on everything. Apple's vision for a computer in the home is what took hold and became what we have today.
I don't remember seeing the laser printer on that list unless I overlooked it.  That would rank higher than Google.   Apple may have introduced the best smart phone but Motorola paved the way for mobile phones.
 Uhhh, Google just made a better widget.  We already had search through Yahoo and Alta-Vista.
Who needs it to be backhanded??
Hopefully they break all the data out as it may be very revealing who people are really listening to instead of the media pop sensation of the moment.  Time to see who people like instead of who gets promotion by the labels and media.
 A direct reply to someone mentioning the government ignoring the constitution and you bring race into it?  As for Reagan and Bush, what they did was tied directly to legislation passed by congress and signed into law.  The current President has said multiple times he can't do what he is about to do because he must abide by the law. Lets stick to law and stop bringing race into it....
 Well, Emperor Obama is about to do it with his illegal lawmaking executive order on amnesty...
 Bravo !!!!
New Posts  All Forums: