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 Didn't know that.  Easy to check, just look at your house and see.  My house is definitely from 2 different periods since we greatly cleaned up the property when we started renovating.  Time will tell.
Maybe they will start updating their satellite imagery more than once every 3 years.  We moved into our house 1 year ago, renovated for the previous 7 before that and images are still before that.  Google maps updated within the last year and shows the smiley face my son mowed into the front yard.
 No need to defend, just laugh and move along...
 Emphasis mine...one must be careful pointing out typos others make.
 As long as there are still people clinging to their Android phones, there is growth potential for Apple...
But why wasn't the driver affected by it?  Or those that packed the truck?  Or when it was delivered?
 And that comment was 2 cents of your 3...
So, what is Verizons' angle on advertising?  Their subscribers going to be sucked down the black hole?   Maybe they will profile for the government????
 My cousin pulled down around $300 a night in tips back in the 80's.  She was poached by another restaurant as well because she was very good.  It was not from her looks either, it was her professional standards and ability to wow the customers.  Good waitresses can move to the better restaurants and increase their income. What I tip is between me and the waitress and I am sure they have never been disappointed.  Hope you do the same as you seem to think it is a chore to...
  As EVERYONE should !!
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