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 I can't remember, how long are you self banning if it doesn't by years end? 
Those that listen to RBC should come here as this forum is more accurate than any investment firm has been.
How much????? 7
 I have no broadband available at my house...
How much?????   That would be $276 to take my family up there.
 Guess I can leave my Kindle Fire behind...that was the main function having the ability to download things for offline viewing.
 DDos - Distributed Denial of Service attack
 How about a non bundled device that can be purchased separately for those non-iOS users...
 Gonna self ban yourself if it does not have it's own special touchscreen remote?
 The Touch Screen Remote will be your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, or maybe even your Mac/Macbook.  Why reinvent the wheel.
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