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Consumers do not risk anything in the process.  Producers risk everything for the chance to increase their financial prospects.  Yet, the entire cycle is interdependent on each side, the supply (producer) side and the demand (consumer) side.  I see no reason why those that take the risk should not have the larger reward.  If you want a job, a contract is made with an offer by the employer and and acceptance by the employee.  If you want more out of your employment side of...
Didn't hear much from Jim Young on the podcast.  Did you forget him during the interview?
 Artists still have to purchase the cd's to sell at concerts from the labels with can be 50% of retail.
 Thought that was against the AppStore terms....
 That was post 1,024, just geek observation... Elon Musk is a visionary and hope he is successful with with his endeavors.  Check out his latest announcement for home batteries scaling for business size and power distribution sizes.  We live in interesting times....
Years ago they banned any type of recording equipment at concerts.  Now, everyone has their phone out recording the event.   Boxing has become boring with the rise of MMA.  Let them go at it until only one is standing and then you have a winner.
In the picture he looks no more than 20....
 He upped his valuation after Apple passed by his previous valuation.  I am impressed. /s
Business as usual and they are just now picking up on it?  Won't stop the haters though.
  You 2 really need to have a beer together or something.
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