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Apple Music becomes the label for the small guy   Never even heard of Rdio until now.  That says a lot about them.
 If you were to dig under the hood, it would be frightening... Listenership and figuring royalties for musicRoyalties for actors in ads and the number of potential listeners (yes, that is calculated and for streaming they might want per user royalty)Radio markets have a potential listenership.  Streaming is per user and labels demanded per listener royalties. (search subject from 2000 and before)
What's 2 billion $$$ anyway...a years property tax? 
Lest we forget that evil collusion between Apple and ATT for exclusive rights to the iPhone for 3-4 years...  /s
 Not with a set of earbuds ... they WILL hear the difference
 Folks that know their HiFi would never use a phone to listen to music on (for the high quality experience).  Earphones don't have the range a set of quality speakers have.
Didn't they point out an unknown artist who self published his music and they said that he would be big?  I thought the artist that got on stage told his story of doing it himself through Itunes. (If I interpreted his segment correctly.)
 No, he is at Facebook.
 Forgot, the over the air updates got a lot smaller.  Under the hood improvement.
 The split screen stuff was nice but the news app...just another in a long list that does that already, just now with Apples touch. I am sure there will be a lot of under the hood stuff that wil improve it overall, we just won't see the bling other than better apps.
New Posts  All Forums: