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 Choose your "cool"...tattoo or AppleWatch, choice is yours.
 It tells some people that maybe they don't consider the long term consequences of their actions before taking them.
 "He's not wearing it right."
 Cows are finished on corn for about 3 months because it makes the meat taste better.  Fully grass fed beef has a slightly different taste that many people do not like.  I prefer the natural beef as the corn is most likely GMO and I try to stay away from that.
 This is one place Samsung saves on since Apple foots the bill for it...  /s
I am sure they might be able to overcome this somehow...
I'll give you $200 HAHAHAHA
 "Most" watches are sold with the straps in the "as worn" position.
 We just installed all those sockets in our renovated house.  A bit harder to plug in but guess they will help with the little ones. I liked the sockets in England when I lived there (once I got used to them).  Nice that they had insulation on the prongs to protect touching the metal until they disconnected from power.
 Anyone else find that box to be quite large?  I expected a small cube shaped box.
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