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That is what handlers are for...to vet people and their intentions.  But President Obama portrays his "hipness" so he should take it like a man.
"Those who don't have a subscription can buy Office 365 Home from within any of the free applications on iPad."   That is the deal breaker for me.  Don't want to pay that yearly fee.
      The clapping at the end was just amazing...it was like a sewing circle vs a rock concert at Apple presentations.
Bad analogy as app developers already set the price for their apps.
 When a failure outsells the competition, I sure hope they keep failing like this.  I guess a lawyer fails by being successful in more cases than all the other lawyers.
 Wonder about the diversity of the Rainbow Push??
Hopefully it includes an API so 3rd party camera apps can interface with it.  And why leave it at just controlling a camera....a good API will open it up to a world of functionality.
 Candy Crush is making too much money right now so we will have to let it slide for a few more weeks....  /s Once fully implemented, will be interesting what happens to the IAP cash stream for companies.  Is the gravy train about to come to a halt?
  My first thought was, why would someone install and app from the government on their phone? In the comments above....since when do we even start to believe a government agency.
Time to get ready to make a custom stamp pen...
New Posts  All Forums: