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 DDos - Distributed Denial of Service attack
 How about a non bundled device that can be purchased separately for those non-iOS users...
 Gonna self ban yourself if it does not have it's own special touchscreen remote?
 The Touch Screen Remote will be your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, or maybe even your Mac/Macbook.  Why reinvent the wheel.
Guess the caps key was broke...
 Nailing jello to the wall still leaves a lot of nails in the wall.
 They are in a saturated market (multiple Android vendors) and they are racing to the bottom.  There will be those who are squeezed out of the market.  It is inevitable.    The market has changed and there will be casualties.  Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola...??  All once dominant yet where are they now.  Not the force they once were if at all.
 As a collective, they sell a lot of phones.  Individually, they don't have the profits.  Without the profits there will come a time where individual manufacturers will be squeezed out of the market.
 They are in business because they are paid to do these reports.  Find who commissioned this report and you will understand what it means.
Hey IDC...how about breaking it down to companies that actually make phones instead of the fictitious company called Android you have them competing against.
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