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Blackberry should have just licensed the tech to them...at least they would have a revenue stream into their flounderingness of a company.
 rumorsspeculationquestionable report Pretty much sums up the article and its contents.  Maybe stores were setup to see what information leaked so they could track down the leaks. As for me, iwatch and see what happens.
How about an in depth study of the turnover of phones and how long they are used once purchased.  My personal assumption would be a majority of iPhone's sold are still in use 4-5 years later verses Android "devices" that will not see that type of lifespan.  What % of those sold are still in use for the different brands...now that would be interesting.
 So...Apple has the capability to acquire large companies.  To include IBM in the above statement, since they purchased Beats, does that mean they will purchase IBM?  Will we then start to get Macframe's???? (yes, I know about www.macframes.com) Bet the company I work at has more iPhones in use than the above quoted numbers. Tim Cook to media/analysts ... slap slap slap
 I am old enough to have purchased a Sound Blaster V2 sound card in 1992 for $499.00
 Wait...isn't that metro??
And that was the point of my statement.  Not that Apple would desire to offer such a platform, but that it is going to ship.
 Most likely caught off guard with it actually going to be a viable, and in production, and supported platform rather than an idea that was being thrown around and not a reality to integrate in the real world.  If Android@Home has been a fully supported product for awhile now, then my point isn't valid.
Quote: What a bad analogy.  At open air festivals, artists get to sell tons of merchandise.  With iTunes Festivals, listens can click and download albums giving immediate results for the artists.  When working for an employer, you have no product you are promoting to sell as a result of working for them.
 Wonder how long the waiting list is to perform at that festival....just thinking out loud.  Kanya must me talking out loud without thinking.
New Posts  All Forums: