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That was fast is all I can say. No arguing the point just BAM, granted.
They say you don't purchase software, you obtain a license.  That has been the argument all these years that they hide behind.
 The best quotes from the article....
 What a bunch of rubbish... HP - trading today for around $27/share.  Peaked in Jan 2000 at $66.28 then again in Jan 2010 at $53.15 and now, Jan 2014 around $27.00  Looks to me like they are way under water and there can be no comparison to Apple.  Apple could buy them with pocket change and not even be a blip on the radar. GOOG vs AAPL GOOG Market cap of 376.13 B AAPL market cap of 479.78 B Divide APPL market cap by yesterdays close, and we get 894,244,390 shares (for...
 Setup multiple profiles for each finger you use.  I have 3 for each thumb and it works great.
 I believe it is assumed they should move all of the "custom" work elsewhere.  Off the shelf components are of no concern.
 After many beers...
Poor lonely post with no comments...
   It is In-App-Purchase laden with bloat!!  The IAP should be to upgrade from the free version as a one time payment.
 Access to iMessage and all your iCloud data.
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