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First, out all those on the inside who short the stock on normal days and pump out bad misleading press concerning Apples imminent doom.
 Now this is a teacher everyone would want to have... Ted Talk  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFnMTHhKdkw
 Maybe they will rethink the whole thing....
 Finally...a real world use for haptic feedback.
I would assume it won't be able to transmit anything without the phone nearby so should be good.  As he said "When you're away from your phone, all it is is a watch," 83
 Thanks for considering your point before posting in a generally family friendly forum.
At the large computer store I worked at for a couple years,  a 3 year laptop warranty was $500 (back in 2000 when laptops were $2000+)  As an employee, we could get it at store cost, about $300.   Here is the kicker....it was backed by yet another company and all the repair jobs came through our store and we could bill for the labor, they supplied the parts for year 2 and after.  We made money on selling the warranty and even more when they brought it back for repair. ...
 You are correct, it is just how it is processed on the front end.  Instead of the card company sending a credit transaction to your bank to go on a balance, it gets debited.  Run as credit, I pay no bank fees, merchant pays credit card acceptance fees, money debited from my account on the back end.  Run as a debit with PIN, merchant pays no fees, I get charged a transaction fee by my bank, money debited from my account on the back end.
 The retailer runs it as credit but MasterCard/Visa just debits from your bank account as a debit card.  It can be used as a debit card but also a credit.  That is why there is an option at the checkout to process it as credit.
 Walmarts issue was not allowing people who had Mastercard or Visa Debit use them as credit which is a violation of the Mastercard and Visa policies
New Posts  All Forums: