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With the new iPhones being launched and ApplePay spreading even more, the market will already be dominated by a secure system and people just won't want to tie their bank account to the payment system.  Also, people use credit cards as cash they do not have and pay later.   RIP CurrentC
My most respected security guy is Steve Gibson.  He hosts a podcast called SecurityNow with Leo Laporte and if you go here https://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm and scroll down the episode #506 called Law Enforcement Backdoors you can hear a good explanation on why this is unworkable. 27 25 and scroll down to
One check box...."Block Google"
 Yeah, sit downstairs and make it go cold on my wife upstairs!!!
 The analyst has nailed the jello to the wall...
Just keep buying back shares until there is just a few then close the deal.
 Absolutely...and they pay a lot of money for those "end caps".  You may get into the store, but placement goes for a premium.
 Maybe there is a large segment of people who just don't wear watches anymore, I am in that group.  AppleWatch will give them a reason to get one where otherwise, they would not wear them at all.  Since the fall of 2000, I have just used my pager and then my cell phone to keep time.  That is a large segment to market to in order to sell them a watch.
 When the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, NBA, etc. release their diversity data maybe then Barbara Lee can see some data from the tech companies.  I think it would show something amiss with this whole diversity fetish.
 Good point, but short term may tell you when to buy.  Now seems a good time.
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