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 These are more like RT 1.5 and Pro 1.5
Maybe some of you heard of this press conference but this is the first I had heard of it.   As has already been mentioned.... "crickets"
  Best part of the whole article...(emphasis added )
 Left swipe and delete.
They must feel special....   So, is that small adapter so you can use your own USB cable or are there some other uses?
Someone should walk in and ask "How much do I get to stay with you?"  Companies never/rarely give loyalty incentives to their loyal customers.
   Uh, what???  What is that link that was posted just above you?
 And at $300 or so a pop for Office, small business is just looking to get it replaced.  Big corporations will start looking to in order to shed the site license fees. 
  jefflw, note the comment above by jmgregory1 and the intelligent flow of their post.  Yours does not resemble that in the least.  Amazing how they were writing about you before you even posted.
New Posts  All Forums: