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See my comparison above which is most likely the most we can assume...
  Well, if the logic is correct, Apple wins big.... (uses the weighting someone posted that came from The Verge)
 And that slide in the article says "No Contract - Cancel Anytime" Nothing about unlimited data for life.
Warranty expired on a Sunday, user came to me Monday, I called Dell and they said sorry.
       And the rest plan to buy one at some point after the 4 week window.
 That is all you need to say.
...and lower profit. (finished the sentence for you. )
But works fine while sitting at my desk or driving in the car.  Others mileage may vary.
 So what changed??  On the Surface RT half that storage was taken up by the OS and recovery partition. Nothing has changed so it is actually 18 gig (3 more than the first gen Surface) of usable space.http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/storage
 Since I do not know the relevant law...can you please state the law that was broken?  Federal or State?  Can you provide a link to the government website that quotes the relevant law that makes the alleged activity illegal?
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