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Political comments should be expected since the article is based on political issues.
 It was just a thought.  Maybe that only pertained to magazines and newspapers within Newsstand.
It appears that this opens up the possibility for developers to sell credits on their website for redemption in app thus bypassing the 30% usury fee to Apple.
 But only if it makes the sounds from the app while scanning!!
Amazing what someone can do in the bedroom these days and have it picked up and spread....
Are they allowed to award treble damages for willful infringement?  Or am I thinking of something else?
 I use https://duckduckgo.com/
 5 degree change or 180 degree change is a change...reasonably one could conclude we are talking about a smaller course correction rather than a 180 degree change.
 See below... "I'll be able to come back to the iPhone...""I just want a LARGER SCREEN.""Apple is wrong" The direction must be in terms of their comments.  So far they have not made a large enough screen to suit SirLance99. 
New Posts  All Forums: