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To bad you can't connect to Dropbox as the app is still in "development" mode and needs to be change to "production" mode.  You developers might know what that entails...
 Write it and upload it...
 No big deal, not as many people there to to be an issue.
 Then he should come up with an original style.
 They lost the argument so resort to distancing themselves from the issue by "I literally don't care..." and "They are not for me,..."
Countdown to the spin articles...the true measure will be to see just how many we see out in public over the next few months.   According the the Apple website, delivery is now into June.
 Why yes we can...all of us here are secret Apple developers and know everything.   /s
 My friend flies R/C Aircrfat and he said get a cheap one and learn to fly before stepping up to something like the phantom.  So, I got a Symex for $60...
 The screenshot above with the price is basically a copy and paste...
 Well, they are hyping the improved Apple integration with the iPad on their controller.
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