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 But they still insisted that everyone wanted a physical keyboard.  They had no vision to look beyond that and still didn't see it when the iPhone was introduced.  Thank BlackBerry users for that...remember them????
 Thanks for setting me straight as well...carry on as you were.
Not again...sit down and have a beer or something.  Pages of you 2 back and forth again gets old....
 Yeah, it is called Home Schooling and we are about to start our 20th year.16
 So...their answer to the iPhone 6+ comes 11 months after its launch.  Their new phone competes with a 1 year old phone.  "...confusion for some customers." ??  The koolaide masses maybe.
 Sometimes you can get a "replacement" warranty.  It is a 1 shot deal...if it breaks, you get a new one to replace it, or original purchase price.  At that point, the warranty ends and a new one would need to be purchased.  Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot all offer them for certain items.
 They can always clock it at full speed at some point in the future as well.
Wow, they get fiber and I can't even get cable 100' up the road to my house because I am "outside the franchise area".
 You talking about me????
 It wasn't long ago women wanted to be hired for their brain, not their body or whatever.  Quotas pass over more qualified individuals along the way if filling the quota is the main reason to hire someone.
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