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Everyone I've spoken to from the Microsoft camp equates windows 8 to vista. I suppose they are looking forward to windows 9. As for corporate desktops....fudgetaboutit! Any windows 8 inquiry is greeted with laughter.
You mad bro? Get a life!
Yawnzzzzzz!Are these the same people who said that the iPad won't amount to anything?Unless they start giving away android tablets I would not bet the farm on it. The only reason Android has a big market share is because the phone sets are either free or dirt cheap. Sure there are a few fandroids that buy them for the OS but the big numbers come from people who just don't want to pay for an iPhone. No such luck with tablets. The only one that sold was the cheapie Kindle...
I know 3 people who got kindle fires in the office. Two were from Santa Clauss and one was a Kindle Fanboi. They all took them to the office in the first couple of weeks showing them off etc. After that, I've never seen them again. People with iPads on the other hand, even ones with first gen, they bring them in all the time. Kindle fires are boring and that's the bottom line.
What's funny and pathetic at the same time, is that nobody suspected them at first....as if, they are not in people's minds anymore. This silly thing they're doing, reminds me of when my 4 year old cries for attention.
I was in South Korea a few weeks ago and EVERYONE and their mother had one of those giant galaxy bricks. I saw a few iphones and of course even in the land of Samsung having an iPhone is a notch above.Not sure how Samsung does in China, probably well
Yeah! You'd probably need to spend an additional six figures on storage devices and by the time you buy a camera to shoot video like that, another six figures.
They have disgraced themselves, their employer and their country. They should commit harakiri instead.... Oh wait... Wrong country
Bzzzttt. Wrong, that kind of thinking is responsible for the persistently high unemployment.If I were apple I would simply go to a much more business friendly jurisdiction. Whose loss would that be?
Simple, if the county beats its chest way too much they will lose the extra revenue the jobs will bring. Despite all the idealist buhahaaaaha and the Marxist ideas repackaged as social responsibility, it's all a numbers game in the end,
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