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We are using a Powerbook 1.25 Ghz. My dad worked for Apple during the classic to LCII period. We used to play simcity classic and 2000. For entertainment we used Kidpix, loads of fun back in the days. I think a new iMac will be our next purchase, my brother needs Windows for some apps for school.
China is not down. Maintenance people, they are preparing the store for thursday. Keep your hopes for thursday!
US store is not down, it is probably just maintenance!
I just read the entire thread and only this thread, so if my thoughts have been posted else where, so be it. My thought is that the mac mini Core Duo (799$) will get a price drop of 50$ to 100$, so it could be possible for Apple to release the macbooks starting at 999$. My thought is based on some posters saying that Apple wouldn't release a macbook at 999 because of the mac mini being at 799 and the price drop of intel processors in may.
I read this article on Ars about the lasers of the mouse project a mouse like form. Ars tech link Feel free to post your optical illusion.
Well, I switched the Ram and tried to reproduce the problem. THe problem didn't occur again. I also tried the new Ram again and there was no problem. I tried some websites yesterday and on one particular website Safari crashed, with both old and new ram. SO I deleted the site and tried the site again today and there was no problem, everything seems to be working fine again, plugged and unplugged. Next time something happens I will try to take picture.
I will test later if the Ram is the problem. I just checked some othe mac sites and Kingston memory is not the way to go. Here is another question then, I checked the Ram I took out and that one was from Apple and they had it from Samsung. The Ram from Kingston is also from Samsung, so what is the problem then?
Delete this thread please.
Everytime I unplug our powerbook from the adapter, it gives me the message to restart the computer. I tested it again and then I got lines of data on screen saying: system failure: cpu=0… and then something about the ATI card in it. I would have taken a picture, but camera is in repair. With adapter plugged in, it all works perfectly. What I did the last week leading up to this. I got 1GB ram from Kingston and I tested the DVI port on our new LCD TV. My brother uses...
Funny news today by Balmer about xbox 360 shortage. Yields are the problem. But of which chip, is ATI or IBM dropping the ball. I suspect IBM.
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