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I saw a CRT TV with HD /ready on it for 799€. What does this mean? It has the Y, Pb,Pr exits. Does it downscale to 480p or something? Answer would be much appreciated.
Have you considered a projector and a screen for it. For a good price you can get up to 100“ screen if you have the space. With spare money you can buy light bulb because they tend to last not that long. Problem might be Tv tuner.
Ipods are certainly out of the running now. Only PM, PB imac and xserve "need" an update before the end of the year and Paris is the only standing in the middle.
am I right if I say it is 1 hour and 15 minutes now?
BTW :It is Lord of destruction, that I am playing.
I have toast , but when I press image file it brings me to copy. Can someone explain me how exactly I need to do it?
This helps the game from shocking from time to time? I will try it tonight didn't have time this week. Thx for replies
Remember this. Apple hyped the iMac back then and now it us who hype and get disappointed. When are we going to have this excitement for a new product? Will it be MWSF 2006? Or Paris expo? PS : Why isn't this locked?
I am playing diablo 2 again and I find the performance a bit choppy. I am running on an Powerbook 1.25 Ghz, 512 mb, 64 mb 9600. WIth no apps open on background exept dashboard. The screens freezes for a second on several places and it lags sometime when the Cd spins on. I have used software and openGL for video. Do I need to dedicate more Ram like we used to do in OS 9? Because I am running on OS X, I can't seem to do that either although I installed it in...
Less then 1 month to go. Powermacs and powerbooks around the corner. iBook are updated, just before educationnseason. I say we will see what intel brings this week, for the Q1-Q2 productline of Apple Within 2-3 weeks, we will get a new rumour about upcoming products.8)
New Posts  All Forums: