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Mosr is meant to be read for amusement, not for real world stuff. I read the same just a few hours ago and they took their info from macobserver and they tend do this all the time.
Maybe Apple is building up stock with the new PM revision. Eventually there will be less waiting times and everybody gets their machine within 5 working days or less if you go at apple store. The dream is over, when Apple releases them their will be waiting times of a month.
if you go to www.tweakers.net they have a pricewatch for memory. It is also a Dutch site. You can get to 111 €. Check it out.
Do they deliver to Belgium?
Where did you get that deal? It seems pretty good.
4. To keep cost down, because the 9550 fits exactly on the 9200 spot, so they won't have to R&D a new motherboard.
Less then 2 months now and ibook and mini got a bump/ double ram. Only left are Powermac, Powerbook and xserve. 970mp and a minor bump for powerbook.
The last update before mac intels. Just 9 months to go before next update.
http://www.tuaw.com/2005/07/25/new-i...hotoshop-fake/ If you go to www.engadget.com and scroll down there is also a news article. The desktops don't seem accurate.
I am watching news right now and it seems it could have been much worse. There was something wrong with the detonation or it could be a message to the police of what could have happened. Well I hope, the bloodshed will end. Edit: The bombs yesterday I mean.
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