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TS might be right after all. We will just have to wait and see. They could announce on a thursday, that would be good.
Welcome to the board. 1.5ghz for mac mini and ibook or 1.67ghz. Faster HD would be nice. ATI across the board, nice. Nvidia won't like that.
They just merged the Ipod an ipod photo. there might be a spot open for the ipod video, but I think that's for MWSF in January. Tablet I don't know, actually nobody knows. I will put money on Blackcat if you both use public transport.8)
i am an elf , you could have given your thread a better name. Tomorrow morning we will see if those shiptimes are an indicator or not. Only time will tell.
thank god you made a thread about it!!!
Sunilraman, that is good news for you is suppose. Some new rumors about Ibook. You must be excited. I think a faster CPU 1.47 or 1.5ghz, widescreen with better resolutions. More ram 512. Faster but not bigger HD. More ram for videocards. That's it. What I didn't mention is standard from 'old' ibooks.
Well wait for your decision till Paris expo 20th september. Then see what Apple updated and ask your question again. Christmas is so far away. 5 months, anything can happen. So wait. I would get the iMac, but that is me. If you need portability for work get iBook. If it's just to have a laptop on holiday get iMac.
Well there are threads for mini and ibooks, but they all don't indicate an imminent update. So Paris expo is the perfect time for updates. According to http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ we will seePowerbook, iBook and mac mini. What we MIGHT see is updates for: xserve, Powermac. What we won't see is intel macs, perhaps devkits but that is all. Apple has agreement with IBM and freescale till the end of 2007 for PPC's. http://www.apple-expo.com/ What I think...
The day has passed. The first half of the month has gone and next half has started. Man that day was great!
You are a bit late onlooker.A thread about this has been started before http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=56056
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