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New macs will arrive within 3 months for sure. I just listened to conference call and someone asked about future products and Peter or tim answered "we don't discuss about future products, but we have still great PPC products coming this quarter ( corrects himself quickly) the following quarters. " It sounded like this, but are not the exact words . Interesting quarter ahead.
http://theinquirer.org/?article=24586 Some more about Yonah replacing desktop processors.
Apple won't be exclusive Intel , until the end of 2007 when the transition should be complete. They might get them a bit cheaper , of course, but not yet for being Intel inside across the line.
The fact that Steve Jobs made the promise 2 years ago is Apple fault and it probably hurt sales for a year because some people don't want rev 1 and they could wait a year and get 1 Ghz more (*2 if dual). IBM probably said : hey we will have 3ghz next year . Apple : wow, lets use this for marketing purpose. 1 year later: IBM couldn't deliver so bummer. Apple blames IBM. We have 2.3 and are bummed to 2 year later same thing. To cut a long story short: Apple (Steve Jobs)...
http://www.crucial.com/store/listpar...y%29&submit=Go Hope this helps www.crucial.com if link above doesn't work.
We will see, but isn't it a coincidence that it falls on a tuesday. Think about that.
It's getting a little off topic: but that movie was hysterical.I laughed so hard it hurt.
"Fatty making funny" Love the movie. What is the point of installing OS X when you can't use internet and the rest?
I have a few remarks about this Yonah. First a bit of history, whe IBM switched from 130nm to 90nm there were huge problems and I think for Intel to, but I don't know for sure. ATI and nVidia had problems switching to a smaller die. Why wouldn't there be problems with the switch to 65nm? They say Q1 for first shipments, but I don't think there will be large quantities. What do you think?
Someone on the boards said something about necc: http://www.apple.com/education/necc/ . It is the perfect place I would think for an upgrade to iBook and mac mini. EDIT: Someone= Flail in this thread http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...threadid=54859
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