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I just saw the keynote and I think the first Intelbased Mac will be released by march, so he can show the "crowd" aka developpers at WWDC.
On a sidenote: http://www.ccfx.net/nextboxforum/viewtopic.php?t=2568 The beta kits are released to developpers. Maybe one of the future PPC announcements is about 970mp. Just guessing.
Blizzard about PPC support and Intel switch « The PowerPC Mac customers are 100% of the Mac installed base now and for the next year or so, and it would be foolish to upset those users. This is in line of not obsoleting products or raising/changing system requirements for them after they have shipped, a policy we have very steadily followed » The already have WoW working on Intel machine in 5-6 hours « I ran WoW(PowerPC) on the pre-release dev kit machine today, under...
I would wait till the financial results in mid July, maybe they will announce some updates for educational season. If you need it now ( which is not the case i suppose) buy it. You want to get to know OS X, buy now and get experience with it until you get your Intelbook.
I saw some advertising yesterday and saw at what price those Intel based laptops are going for sale. In the iBook category the could go with Celeron M for a price of 600-800$, while the Powerbook category is between 1200-2500$ based on screen size and Pentium M or Pentium 4. The rest is what you can expect 40-8O Gb harddrive, 512-1024 RAm and the graphics cards are the newest from ATI. With these specs in mind, Apple could go for iBook 699-1199$ and Powerbook 1499-2499$...
Well Intel might be providing whole chipsets for Apple, so this might be a big plus.
The funny thing about the Intel switch: NO more secrecy about the processors, heck you can easily see roadmaps if you go to theinquirer.org , the have the latest roadmaps for notebook and server the last time I checked. We can even see the prices of each processor. I don't hate the switch, I just LOVE the OS ( OS X ofcourse).
I bought recently some AAPL here in Belgium before the whole EU crisis. Then the EU crisis begun and I saw the dollar grow stronger in comparison with Euro. Lovin' it. I am keeping my stock and will see what happens tomorrow and next few months. It sure is exciting now. 8)
http://www.anandtech.com/tradeshows/...spx?i=2420&p=5 Games at E3 are running on PowerMac G5 and the console itself.
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