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  Humongous multinational corporations who almost always throw their IP towards proprietary solutions instead of contributing to community standards are arguing against SEP...SHOCKING!
  You bring up a valid point. However, have any of these trademarks being challenged in court? What makes you so convinced that they will remain valid if contested?
  I completely agree. Municipal fiber-to-home networks have become increasingly popular, but I just wish they would be adopted at a faster pace.
  The vulnerability detailed in this paper has nothing to do with brute forcing a password via authentication attempts as you are suggesting. It has to do with deriving the original PSK (password) by hashing possible PSKs to match a captured WPA handshake. Normally this is a very tedious process because of the vast numbers of potential PSKs to sort through. However, this paper highlights that iOS has a high probability of selecting from a very small pool of possible...
With all the "stay away from geeks with GPU clusters on their back" and "just keep a close eye on your connections", there seem to be some serious misconceptions in this thread. Based on the information in this report, the following would be a more plausible scenario.   Let's say I go by 'Mr. Hacker', and am bored one afternoon. That afternoon, I decide to go to a place where I know mobile hotspots are in high use; like a train station. I pull out my cell phone to...
  I would love to know how any view isn't formed on 'partial information'? Are you declaring yourself some sort of omniscient being? The tone of your comment sure seems to suggest so....
  Unfortunately, I have only been able to see his comments from quoted material; as everything was already deleted when I started reading. I'll just have to take your word that things like that were said I suppose.
  In an article discussing an ITC ruling like this...YES...you are supposed to put up with it. If you don't have the stomach for it...stick to the 'latest products' rumor articles.
  Trolling implies that he was making extraneous, off-topic comments to disrupt the conversation. I fail to see how comments about Apple's use of other companies' tech...in an article covering an ITC ruling declaring exactly that...qualifies as such. This certainly wouldn't be the first time that someone has brought to light Apple's incredibly low R&D compared to other tech companies their size.
  Maybe you can explain why countries with far higher effective corporate tax rates have far lower unemployment? The US only collects 2.1% of GDP in corporate taxes in this country, with a measly average effective rate of 13.4%. There are only a hand full of countries with lower numbers than those. How does Australia manage an average effective corporate rate of 30.5%, but yet has an unemployment rate around 5%.   While I agree that increasing corporate taxes would put...
New Posts  All Forums: