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You mean all 47k of them? If EVERY single Apple employee in the US was let go today, the unemployment rate would tick up 0.03%. I realize that there are others employed indirectly, but why would they be losing their jobs? For example, if a retail store couldn't sell iPhones, they would simply sell something else.
  "Consumer confusion" is hardly a requirement for an injunction. Do you have any sources to back up this claim?
  After reading the patent a bit, it certainly does seem that way.       If this patent is deemed valid, it could pose serious problems for Siri. Compared to some of the other patents in question, it almost makes it look like Apple brought fission to a fusion gun show. 
  Didn't anyone ever tell you that "the truth should never stand in the way of a good story"? Indeed, this does look more like a break room than any mission control I've ever seen though....
For those who travel frequently like myself, this has always been a very handy feature. When visiting major metropolitan area, public transportation is often even more convenient than driving a rental car.
  I don't think I've made ANY comments about my opinions or what I 'believe' on the matter. I simply quoted Apple's 10Q and pointed out that you decided to leave out some variables in your calculations, in which, at a minimum left you a good 10-15% off the mark, and realistically, more around 20+%.   You my friend are the one who decided to get so worked up, told me I was 'hairsplitting' and didn't know what I was talking about...   On a different note, you may want to...
  By several accounts, Apple's revenue for Apple-branded iPhone accessories comes in at over a $1billion per quarter alone. They have one of the highest 'attach rates' in the industry. There are also undisclosed amounts received from licensing iPhone connectors and other patent related items, with non-Apple components, automobiles, etc. Who other than you considers BILLIONS to be a 'very small portion of sales'???     This report wasn't issued by Samsung, it was issued by...
  There, I fixed that for you. Apple has always been on the lower end for R&D spending compared to others.  
  You are overstating the average handset price. The 10Q clearly lists 'iPhone revenue' as the following:   Includes revenue from sales of iPhone, iPhone services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPhone accessories. Includes amortization of related revenue deferred for non-software services and embedded software upgrade rights.   It is $624 on average per handset when factoring in ALL of these other items, not just the handset.
  Apparently you can't even get past the second word in the title of the article without getting confused. The article clearly states that these numbers are for the 'smartphone' market...not ALL phones.
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