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  All of Motorola's devices have not been banned. It is 18 devices, all of which are on the older side and are not big sellers. According to Google, they have already taken "proactive measures" for the import ban, and to my knowledge, there have been no reports of any blockages. Not exactly sure what "proactive measures" means though.     Huh?...Samsung has spend tens of billions of dollars researching and developing the telecommunication standards that a phone NEEDS to...
  Exactly what do you call "using something without paying for it" then? Last time I checked, Apple was the ONLY device manufacturer who has not cross-licensed technology from Samsung related to UMTS.
  Out of curiosity, when Samsung between 2005 and 2010 spent $35 billion on R&D and employed 20k engineers worldwide to work on telecommunication technology that Apple decided to 'steal' for the iPhone and iPad, why do you not sing the same tune?
  The injunctions issued in Germany for both Microsoft and Motorola are nothing similar to the conclusion reached by a preliminary injunction. Those cases actually determined infringement, where as a preliminary injunction simply makes a determination based upon an evaluation of 4 criteria with no conclusion on infringement. Is this your "changing the topic" post to deflect from the fact that you inaccurately stated what a preliminary injunction implies?
  Ugh...I guess you decided to not lookup what a preliminary junction is, and therefore implies. Let me help you out...   http://lmgtfy.com/?q=preliminary+injunction
  If one assumes you are referencing the US preliminary injunction, it sounds like you need to lookup the difference between a preliminary injunction and a final decision in a legal case.
  Still pushing your theory that some anecdotal story proves once and for all that Samsung copied...huh? I guess it never gets old for you.   How many times do you think you have stated this now? A few hundred maybe? It pretty much feels like the majority of your conversations anymore can be summed up as follows:   Drop into the thread with "Samsung slavishly copies" Reply to anyone who takes the bait with "even Samsung's attorneys couldn't tell the...
Touche :)
  Fortunately, this comment doesn't even need a retort. The ignorance displayed by this sweeping generalization is self-evident.
  It's a shame we can't get a UK judge to rule that you need to put "Samsung did not copy the iPad" in your signature. If I had a penny for every time you said "slavish copy"....(yawn)
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