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  ...or one could argue that he looks like the stereotypical tech company founder.  
I'm a little concerned how a court can consider a simple HTTP GET request as hacking. If it isn't illegal to do it once, how exactly is it illegal to do it 100k times? If it is indeed based upon quantity, what is the cutoff between legal and illegal? Without any evidence of intent to disrupt service to others with the numerous requests (DDOS attack), I don't see the crime here. I highly respect the Electonic Freedom Foundation's cause and stance on many cases like this,...
Does this include advertisement for all Samsung products? I catch commercials for their household appliances and televisions much more than I see ones for their phones. I couldn't get Train out of my head for weeks after their SmartTV campaign earlier last year.
  And we come full circle with the ad hominem attack. Oh jragosta, you are so predictable...
  I love how liberally you throw around the word 'fact'. Trust me, if there is one word that can sum up your posts, it is most definitely not 'factual'.
Ugh...why does everyone on this thread have to quote jragosta? I'm more than happy to have his comments hidden as I blocked him long ago. Trying to follow along with his illogical rants is enough to drive someone crazy.
  Considering Galaxy phones ship with the display being set to a default 'over-saturated' setting (Dynamic) instead of the 'regular' setting (Natural), I think Samsung at least agrees with you. 
    In addition to numerous smartphone models, Samsung uses an OLED screen in their Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet.
  This is debatable. OLEDs lack of backlighting theoretically make an OLED screen more efficient than an LCD. The only studies that I have seen showing otherwise usually involve testing at maximum lumen output of the screen. In this scenario, you are comparing an LED screen at its minimum power consumption to an OLED screen at its maximum power consumption. Hardly a fair comparison if you ask me. Most users don't stare at a bright white screen all day, but instead, their...
New Posts  All Forums: